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  1. @NC240ZI never did receive a refund. Bank of America declined my dispute because of the time that had elapsed.
  2. I would ask for a refund ASAP and try to get your money back via dispute with PayPal or your credit card. Don't let it drag on. Lots of false promises from Mike. I put too much faith in his word and Bank of America declined my credit card dispute because too much time passed. I ended up going with an MFactory unit and had it installed locally.
  3. When you put the JTR front motor mounts in, did it drop the engine lower a bit? I have a fiberglass hood with a cowl induction hood. I'd like to get a stock hood on but the engine sits too high right now.
  4. Very nice! I wish I had all the skills and time for a nice project like yours!
  5. Next up, hopefully some new shoes.
  6. Been working on the interior. Carpet, seats, some gauges, shifter, steering wheel.
  7. Got the MFactory LSD installed.
  8. After my experience with Whitehead and Bank of America, I would email Whitehead and ask for the money back and start a claim with your credit card company.
  9. I thought about small claims but seemed like a lot of fees and I imagine low likelihood of collecting. I'm not on a smear campaign. 3K hurts but I've written it off. The thing that really sux is the delay in time to get LSD in my Z. Just got an MFactory installed in my 3.54 diff last week. Now to go rip!
  10. Sorry to post again. This will likely be the final update. Still no refund. Credit card company (BofA) was not helpful. Deemed that too much time had passed. Buyer BEWARE!
  11. grannyknot I appreciate you making Mike aware of the feedback. I still have not received a refund and will update if I do. Ben
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