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  1. At this point I’ve decided on going for the way it looks, I just like the thought of doing things different, more of just me wanting to do dumb stuff in reality. At this point I’m not quiet sure what I’m deciding on doing lol.
  2. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m trying to get around 500 to 600 witch I feel is pushing it with the l28, but I’m new to the l28, so I’m not sure what’s been done before.
  3. This is an amazing response, you single handedly described what I’ve been going through
  4. And if Not the tec3, witch ecu whould u recommend for a turbo setup.
  5. So far I have my engine tire down, a intercooler, and some exhaust piping and a lot of seals. what size turbo whould you recommend for making big hp, and also this build wasn’t just for hp it’s more of a passion project, and the way I liked it
  6. I was planning on running 240z length eagle h beams, but I understand the confusion. but I haven’t found any pistons that seem any better for a 91mm piston.
  7. Why dose it seem that the 79’s go for more, was there a more limited production numbers of something?
  8. I own a 1 owner 1979 280zx 37k original miles currently doesn't run. check my page for the full details On the build, too much to explain here.
  9. Is for it that wierd ass little talking shit box
  10. This is my first post, I’ve came here for advice. im in the process of building my first major engine, a 3.0 l28 turbo stroker. first of all for ecu I am planning on running the electromotive tec3. ill be running a n47 block bored 3mm over 240z rods, and a ld28 crank, p90 head and 240sx pistons. im planning on running twin rear mounted garret g25’s with a custom ITB plenum setup, 2 injectors per cylinder, and custom rear mounted intercooler with air intakes in the quarter windows for the intercooler. now I’m not quite sure if all of this is gona work out bu
  11. I’m not a very experienced person, but I see a few problems here, first of all people are already risking it with 3 mm over bore, and 133mm rods barely fit without clearancing the block, but I could be incorrect, but the biggest stroker I’ve heard of is a 3.2 with a 91mm bore, and I’m not quite sure of the rod length. feel free to correct me if I’m wrong
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