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  1. Well i have already cut the subframe no backing down now😂 although eventually i would need to look into an upgrade or swap my front subframe
  2. @Neverdone Amazing!!! this is exactly what I needed. Thank you🙏🏽
  3. A plate on the underside to support the sub has been my initial idea since I learned I had to cut. Im supporting the engine with McKinney motor/trans mounts I purchased. Now im thinking I should add a rectangle tubing instead of a plate... ive never had to cut into a sub so im not sure what im getting my self into 😅
  4. Triangulating? please explain.
  5. I fit my VQ37 in this weekend, had to do some excessive cutting into my front subframe to allow the bottom of the engine/oil pan to squeeze in, without compromising the positioning of the rack and pinion. i’ve been thinking of just welding a 16g plate going across the bottom of the sub and welding it... suggestions
  6. In a pickle here, I am half way into installing my new vq engine into my z. I am still in the blue printing stage of what to keep and what to delete. My biggest conflict at this moment is my dash, battling to keep my original dash or modifying the 370z dash to fit. Now I bought a complete 370z that was totaled to get my engine. stock dash is badly beaten I would need to either get a cover and get it redone, buy new gauges....going to cost me a kidney Going with the 370z dash will allow me to plug and play the cluster/gauges/radio etc... cheaper... Anyone ever mount a 370z dash into a Datsun? if so drop some pics / pointers. 1976 dastsun 280z donor car: 2017 370z 6 speed
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