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  1. Hi can you please sell me some 280zxt cv adapters 

  2. Marco

    Hi Searching

    No sir I’m looking for the 280zxt ones not Z31 cv axles
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Who sells adapters for 280zxt CV axles to 280z 27 spline. ?
  4. Marco

    Hi Searching

    Hi I’m searching for someone that can direct me to purchasing a set of 280zxt CV adapters to 27 spline 280z I have a set of turbo axles I’d like to use on my 280z someone can Someone please help me ?
  5. Hi I’m new to all this and I’m looking for someone to show me where I can purchase some 280zx cv axle adapters to 280z 27 spline thank you !!!
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