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  1. I've had two sets of the Tokico springs. They are great for awhile, but they have both sagged after a few years. And I was under the impression that they have discontinued them for the 280Z. Time to try something different.
  2. I need new springs, my old (25+ year Tokicos are sagging in the rear. About all I can find to replace them are the Eibach progressive rates or the Vogtlands. Somebody please give me some pros and cons. The car is mostly street driven, LS2 powered, and a little heavier on the rear axle than the front. Thanks, Mike
  3. If you happen to be coming by the Boise area, I have a left and right you can have.
  4. I used a magnaflow rsonator ahead of 3" magnaflow muffler. Still plenty loud, but nice sounding.
  5. I so remember the day I posted "It's alive". Such a great feeling, only bested by the first drive. As Keith said, the fan won't come on until it is hot. I never fired mine up until I had a full exhaust installed, so I can't help you with the throttle response. When you do get that first drive, you will smile so big your face will hurt.
  6. Great job and congrats Keith. Been fun watching you build this beast.
  7. Its all looking good Kieth. Keep it up and get back on the track.
  8. Welcome to the club Warlord. Its pretty lonely out here in Idaho. You are lucky to have Keith nearby to give you some pointers. You will also love the car when it is done, or at least on the road again-it seems they are really never done... You know, brakes, axles, wheels, tires, springs, sway bars, control arms, diffs.......... I also liked the under-counter parts you have available. Keep them handy.
  9. This is a really old thread. But I can tell you that with the window louvers on, my hatch (if not locked down) will open at exactly 80 mph. That was before adding the spoiler. I have tested this with the hatch unlocked since adding the spoiler. No more opening and losing loose papers all over the interstate.
  10. I used the JCI compressor and dryer with all the rest of the stock stuff. Worked great for 6 years until the stock expansion valve gave up the ghost. And they are no longer available through any sources I can find. Someone out there supplies a ford evaporator with a new style expansion valve that will bolt up, but I will have to remove the dash, and I haven't worked up the gumption to do that yet.
  11. I don't think you can mount them that way because the lever would be on the outside?
  12. The problem with the alternator was with the LS2 unit. Most have gone to the LS1 alternator witch fits better/no interference with the John's motor mount. I was able to make mine work, but most haven't.
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