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  1. #18 is the AC control valve. When it receives vacuum it pulls on the throttle linkage to increase idle.
  2. Hello. I have the old radiator from my swap. It is not in great condition but I heard they can be recored. I don’t know if this is something anyone would want and thought I would check before I take it to the recycler. it’s free for local pickup. I don’t have the material to ship. Bristow, VA about 35 miles west of DC.
  3. I don’t have coil overs. Bought some KYB shocks and was going to get the Eibach. They were out of stock and I decided I didn’t want progressive springs since they got mixed reviews. pulled up a bunch of threads on cut chevette springs. Problem is the price on those is super stooooopid. Not cheapies anymore. So I grabbed a set of Moog 80099. I already have the KYB so figure I’ll give it a go. If it doesn’t work out I’ll have to go coilover since options are so limited.
  4. I am likely going to cut and weld the fenders to make the wheels fit. I’m pretty sure the front fenders are already repros. So really it’s just some off the back. Not like my car is even close to stock anymore.
  5. Now comes the big tire decision. Right size, right compound, right price. I am deciding between a sticky tire like the toyo r888r or the fallen rt660 but am worried about mileage. I am cheap by nature and I know it will bother me to have to get new tires a lot. But how much will I drive the car? Dang tires will probably rot before I wear them out. my other choice is a performance summer tire. Like the BF Goodrich sport comp. not as sticky but more reasonable wear and cold weather capable. I won’t drive in the snow or anything but do like to cruise around all year. I may go to the track eventually but maybe not. I am thinking 255/50/16 in the rear and 245/50 front. I like the bit more sidewall of the 50 but again worry about rubbing. If I could make it happen I wouldn’t mind 255 front and rear but really don’t want rubbing issues.
  6. Hey guys. I have had a go around with finding wheels in the right size, right style, right bolt pattern, right offset, right color and price. I purchased a set of JR19 wheels from a place that ended up being out of stock. they refunded my money but the British pound to dollar conversion changed during the weeks and I lost $50. Still fighting that. then I looked at other options and decided to go with 17” even though I think they may look a little big for some cars but great on others. After looking around I saw the Rota group buy info from like 7 years ago. That ended up being 17x9 -13 17x9.5 -19 and looked really good. the problem is the 17x9 for the front is rare. The one I found had a machined lip which I did not want. So I had to decide if 1 get the right size but wrong color 2 get the 8.5 -10 and risk being too small in front 3 get 9.5 -19 all around and risk fitment issues up front. But can rotate all around. the Rota are even available on Amazon. Tire choice is much better in 17 too. I’ve never seen a Z in person with 17 so it was making me worried. anyway I made a last look around and saw Driftworks had JR19 in stock so I did a calculator. Ended up ordering bronze 16x9 -15 16x9 -25 they have not come in yet. I also ordered 2” and 3” flares from Jendoza which haven’t come in either.
  7. It’s a FM4L60exlb. It fit perfect. The hole in the floor is too big so I just put a plate over it. That gave a nice flat surface to mount. I did not have to cut the hole. Just drilled some holes for the plate to mount to. the shift rod had to be bent a little but that is simple and straight forward. I have not hooked up the neutral switch yet and I still need to get a reverse switch too. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Lokar-FM4L60EFXLB-Midnight-Floor-Mount-Shifter-4L60E-6-In,97618.html
  8. Almost forgot to add this bit of drama I mentioned before. Ever since I got the car running from first start it would barely let me get on the throttle without choking out. I figured it was something in the tune or a misfire or something like that. I did throw it in right out of the junkyard. then I hooked up a fuel gauge to see how that was working out 27B1B531-8FAF-4312-AFC7-5030842F5445.MOV I’m no automotive expert but that fuel pressure seemed suspect Some gunk in there. Turns out that pretty K&N filter is not even rated for fuel injection. Some dummy ordered the wrong thing. It’s me. I am dummy. so I ordered an “expensive” $25 Russell filter fixed it! For about 5 miles. Started doing the same thing. So back to the gauge. Sure enough it was losing PSI again. problem was the Russell is not transparent. Is it clogged? I don’t know. so enter filter #3. WIX filter 2 for $6 on Amazon. Seems perfectly fine now. Been over 200 miles and no issues. Now that I can do full throttle the car rips right along. still a little rough in certain areas but I’m going to leave it since it is working.
  9. Ok wow. This car is scary fast. And not necessarily in a good way. Remember way back when I installed that throttle cable? Well, I finally got around to adjusting it all the way. turns out I was only getting 1/2 throttle. 😲 I was unhappy with the 4l60e shifting but I thought it was cuz I don’t have a tune yet. Nope. Wasn’t getting proper kick down commands. When this thing downshifted from 4 to 2 and ripped, everything got sketchy real quick! Suspension and tires have moved up the list very quickly.
  10. V8 in this little car? Doesn’t look like it to me.
  11. Car is too much fun not to take out. Little one loves cars and coffee now. OK she loves the doughnuts and hot chocolate but I don’t mind. Finally wrestled the hood back on.
  12. Please stop squeeeeeeeeeling! Oh my God the brakes. They have been loud since I got the car. I put new pads on right when I got the car. That fixed it for awhile. Now that the car is back up they are bad! Screaming loud. Hear me coming from 2 counties over loud. Sound like a freight train… you get the picture. After mashing that search button a few times I determine the shims are missing. Guess who sells shims? Nobody. That’s who. Mr. nobody to you. Notice anything else? Also missing the rest of the hardware. Didn’t even know it was a thing. found some new pads on Amazon with shims on them. Also a new set of hardware and a big ‘ol bottle of lube. -insert jokes here- installation was a breeze. And I fixed it! No more noise. Gonna tackle brake upgrades sometime in the future.
  13. WARNING: The images you are about to see are disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. Floor pans are out of stock. Forever! I was going to get new ones put in and a rust hole in the frame fixed. I decided to make a patch until the world returns to normal. What you are about to see is the result. here is what I have. You can see the lines where I am going to cut. I squared the hole and welded in new pieces of metal. I don’t know how to weld and doing it upside down was definitely interesting. Gotta learn sometime. one side done and working on the bottom. It looks like there are cracks and holes but that is a trick. The welds are not ground perfectly smooth yet. I know it’s not the best work but I think it will hold until I get some new pans. Probably going to get some bad dog frame rails put on.
  14. Here are some exhaust shots. Gotta get some better ones. HiFlow custom exhaust in Manassas did the work. They have a bunch of Datsun’s in the shop too. Good price I think $600 for all the parts and labor. I brought the vbands with me JCI headers - flex pipes - vbands - y pipe to 3” - resonator - vband - muffler here is a video. Stoopid fuel pump is so loud the phone decides to tune in to it and buffer the exhaust 93E6DB2B-2786-4FC2-8196-C625A7B1AAAF.MOV
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