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  1. I was reading. I will find the quote that a person weighed front/rear total before after swap and that the rear weighed more post swap due to the LS sitting further back. I can't say if it is true or not though. and I agree. I don't think 100 lbs the avg driver is not going to notice.
  2. With your motor/trans combo did the shifter come up on the stock location?
  3. I have been searching this site, google, and youtube looking for information on doing an LS swap into a 1980 Datsun S130 280zx. I am trying to find out if the headache/extra money of making sure to find an aluminum block LS is worth it.I have not been able to find much out. What I have found from searching and my questions under the statement (correct me if I am wrong in my research). After the swap weight is shifted to the back. An Iron LS block weighs approx 100lb more than an aluminum block LS. With an iron block LS swap the weight balance of the car is 40/60. With an aluminum block LS swap the weight balance is closer to 50/50. Questions Will the avg driver notice the difference in an iron block vs aluminum block? If I go with an iron block should I get stiffer rear springs for the added weight mo Has anybody done an L83/4l60e swap into the ZX? I am wanting to do an L83/4l60e, AC, no power steering swap into my 1980 Datsun 280zx. But, if the aluminum block gain isn't that big and iron block doesn't make a notable difference I will open up my engine options. If any of this is out of line/off topic. I apologize. Thank
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