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  1. Thanks for this info. Is anyone here running this kit? I'm looking to turbo my L28 and looking for info and options
  2. Thanks all. After washing it, I can see the condition is much worse than I thought. So, for now I will be doing a restore and once that is done i will consider the VQ. The major issues are: - LOADS of overspray - body filler on both doors - body filler on both fenders - the front has had a small tap and the surrounds for the headlights have been repaired with fibreglass. They did a bad job. - lots of exposed wires in the engine bay. The fenders are not a train smash coz I will be fitting fender flares. Not sure if that requires cutting of the metal but either wa
  3. Hi all, I'm brand new to the Z car scene. I've always been a Toyota fan and my dad was into Nissan. He has passed a few years ago. Since then I bought a R33 Skyline and thoroughly enjoyed it. I sold that last week and will be fetching a 280ZX tomorrow. Its a bit of a barn find. From what I could see its been parked for ages. It's been sprayed before and it looks to be a decent job. Couldnt tell much because of the thick dust on the car. No rust and the body is straight. No idea whether it runs. My plan is to first clean it up and assess what is
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