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  1. my only other option would have to be to go stock or find some way around it but i don’t like either of those options
  2. yeah at this point i’m just thinking of moving to a different state and building the car how i want it and registering somewhere else
  3. ok so changing my car to carbureted wouldn’t work either. But the out of state thing is also another thing i had in mind, how exactly does that work? ik it involves someone outside of california to buy ur car and then register it and then sell it back to you but that’s about it. what are the more specific details and wouldn’t my car already have to be complete if i wanted to do that? it’s still a sitting in my garage being gutted out rn
  4. so what ur saying is i have 3 choices to go with option A) Go n/a and switch to weber carbs kit from zcardepot option b) steal someone’s tags and put them on my plate or just move to some other state or option C) go through the trouble of altering my motor and electronics every time i get it inspected
  5. another thing i forgot to mention is that i would like to bore and stroke my engine to 3.0L but i’ve heard that the best way to do that is with a LD 28 crank but they’re incredibly rare and expensive, would i be able to use my stock crank for this?
  6. alright after some investigating i’ve found out that the p79 and p90 head are almost identical in flow and whatever and that the only difference is the port shape and the little metal lining in the exhaust ports for emissions. but even tho it won’t be necessary for this build, wouldn’t a basic head porting do the trick for a turbo build?
  7. so wait doing this wouldn’t allow me to pass smog? hmm i’ve had this sort of strange idea of building the motors internals and getting it prepped for smog but not putting the turbo manifold and using the stock intake manifold so it would be “n/a” and then after smog i just attach the turbo and all other accessories. would that work or would it just be a waste of time? because in my mind it makes sense to do that and then add the turbo after but if there’s a way i could turbo it and pass smog then it’s a win win
  8. one more thing to note is i wanna know what diff and trans i should go with for this build. Thank you
  9. i have a n42 block and a p79 head, i plan on using a 280zx turbo manifold and a protunerz 90mm intake manifold. however as for the actual building the motor i’m kinda clueless and wanna know some info on how to properly build it and what parts i should use for it. My goal is 300 ish whp and around the same torque, i want it to be a daily street car that i can still have fun with. I live in cali so i gotta go through smog and i want to know what i need to do for it to pass. Any info helps and any recommendations work. Thank you
  10. wow that was fast, thanks for info very much appreciated i’ll check it out
  11. Alright so i have an automatic 1978 280z that i wanna convert to manual. However everywhere i look it talks about getting a manual pedal box, my question is do i have to source a manual pedal box or is there even a difference in the automatic and the manual besides the clutch pedal? Also can i just buy a clutch pedal and attach it to the pedal box i already have? And are there any other alternatives to this, for instance if i can find a manual pedal box or attach a clutch pedal, is there any after market ones that’ll work like wilwood or something? Thank you
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