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  1. Thanks all for the info! I will probably end up going with an l28e or l28et and go from there. but now I have a baseline!
  2. I have an '83 Maxima wagon and have been interested in swapping out the engine for an L28, L28E, or L28ET, but was wondering if there was anything that I could do with my L24E to save some money. Would it be worth it to fix it up? Would I be able to get 250-300 horsepower out of it with bolt-ons? I know the L28E and ET could handle some large numbers, so would this block be thicker and handle more? I was mainly curious what would be the maximum bore on an l24e block, if there's info on that. I've looked through the forums but haven't found anything on maximum bore or what parts (besides the mn
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