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  1. I really like mine. No slop at all.
  2. I don't think I had to use any power tools I do vaguely recall it took me a little while to figure it out, but it was a couple of years ago now! Maybe there was a lock screw somewhere...
  3. Yes, I have the B&M shifter (I think it was B&M anyway!) The coupler thing came off on mine.
  4. The rubber seal on the body where the gear stick comes through? I just rotated mine 180 degrees and made new screw holes.
  5. jonbill


    I saw on the Speeduino forum that you have the HEI working. Sorry I can't answer your question about the zxt CAS, although I suspect the info is here on hybridz.org somewhere.
  6. jonbill


    I dunno what an accel 300 is so can't help, but I bet someone on the speeduino forum would know.
  7. Have you tried it? I think the Quaife note on equal length shafts is for shortnose r200 or just wrong. My original shafts fitted into my Quaife just fine.
  8. Good progress. Maybe the high idle is a small air leak. It doesn't take much to raise it a few 100rpm. Does MS have ignition advance idle control?
  9. I think with 60kpa, there would be way too much air to idle at 800. Is the MAP calibrated properly?
  10. 60kpa sounds way too much at idle. What AFR does it have idling there? What rpm is it idling at?
  11. jonbill


    https://youtu.be/6OPo9lz6wag I'm up and running now with Speeduino and ITBs. A long way to go on the tuning, but starts and idles well enough now. Not so clattery in real life
  12. You could have a failed oil control ring and still get good compression. Also is it possible on megasquirt to set different injection parameters for different cylinders? My Speeduino allows it.
  13. Resistor plugs give less electrical interference than non resistor plugs, so perhaps some EMS could be sensitive to interference from non resistor plugs. I wouldnt think coil packs would be affected though. I don't think there's a down side to using resistor plugs.
  14. Does "jumping to its own direction" mean the car changes direction somewhat? If its clunking and steering at the backend when you come off the throttle I would think there's something loose in the suspension rather than the differential.
  15. "it" appears to be 3 cam profiles and you are asked to pick one. The highest lift one won't work with stock valve springs. You should get new rockers with a new cam. You'll also need new lash pads. You won't know what size lash pads until you've mocked it up.
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