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  1. I doubt they will make any difference to idle/cruise. I'm sure you'll get there.
  2. the only potential downside of smaller chokes is at the higher rpm. a mild 3.1 at 7000 may get all the air it needs from 36mm chokes and there'd but no downside. the upside would be no or less lean hole in the transition to main jets.
  3. Idle through high speed cruise will all be on the idle jets/progression holes. the problem is with the transition from progression holes to the main circuit. the bigger the choke, the lower the air speed and the later the main circuit starts. There's richer and leaner emulsion tubes, yes, but thats not the only way they can differ. On the Dellortos, a .9 emulsion tube is richer than .7, but starts the main jet later. something to do with a hole at the float level lifting the emulsion earlier than without. if you find an emulsion tube that starts earlier, and maybe it is richer, you
  4. This looks pretty good for explaining how emulsion tubes work, although might be talking about downdraft IDFs, so references to up and down etc might need some thinking about for DCOEs. http://www.performanceoriented.com/performance-tuning-2
  5. The progression holes are the jets until the mains kick in. your idle jet is already quite rich, so although a bigger idle might cover it, it would make you way too rich everywhere else. a different emulsion tube might start your mains earlier. I had Dellortos so not familiar with what the early starting ones are, but I expect google knows. Also I'd think you wouldn't loose much if you went to 36mm chokes, revving to 7k. My cam is 15mm lift and 308/9 duration and revs to > 8k and wanted that extra flow. it took me about 5 years to learn enough to get them
  6. I ran 39mm chokes on my L29 very happily. However, I did have to add a progression hole between the existing standard 2nd and 3rd holes. Big chokes can mean it goes lean between progression holes. What do you rev it to? TBH if you don't rev it, a smaller choke will fix the problem easier than finding where to put more progression holes and making them
  7. jonbill


    I had to look up staking and potting 😊 I did glue the DSC in with hot melt glue - it did used to work lose. No problems in use, its been very reliable. It's not a daily, it only comes out when there's no salt on the roads.
  8. jonbill


    That'll work well then. which board are you using?
  9. jonbill


    What trigger pattern are you doing on that CAS?
  10. It must be just crud build up on the bolt. Is it turning easily, but just not coming out of the hole? I'd be seeing can get a pry bar levering it gently out while spinning it with the impact gun.
  11. quite a bit more than you'd expect to make up in a skim then. weird.
  12. that's interesting, how far down were they?
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