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  1. I was wondering the same thing about the water flow. I have seen on some YouTube channels where people had to make sure that water flowed or it caused disruption which cause the water to not flow through the radiator. Do they have a water bypass normally when the heater core is turned off using the switches on the dash? If it does not normally bypass, then I am thinking this will not be an issue. But if it starts to over heat then this is a good place too look. Otherwise, great progress. This is the fun stuff after all of that tedious body work.
  2. Do you Remember that dad had those Z beams (Cibie Z-Beam) in the 280z? They were awesome looking. They had very flat glass. It made it obvious they were an upgrade, but they were not jarring to see. Plus they performed. https://www.hidplanet.com/forums/forum/general-discussion/general-discussion-aa/15499-remember-the-cibie-z-beam
  3. Congrats, now for the Nissan club get togethers! Just curious, those headlights look period correct in the pics, did you decide not to do the modern looking ones? BTW, I prefer the way they look now compared to the ones that look a little modern.
  4. I did some looking and watched a youtube video on torque converters. Like you I am sorta confused about it all. There was one thing I saw where they said if you raise the stall speed too high you end up slower off the line. Also like you said the bigger engines raise the stall speed. I don't get it. It seems like matching the torque converter to the engine and trany is an art or takes trial and error. My feeling is go conservative for drivability and to avoid lowering performance inadvertently.
  5. Yeah to me that seems like too high of a stall speed. If it were me, I would be looking for just a little more pep, not race ready.
  6. No expert here, but I have had drums go on hard, then after pumping the brakes, the shoes lined up with the drum. Then everything worked. Sometimes the shoes need to skootch around in there to get aligned. But otherwise yeah, sucks getting a tight drum off. While you are at it, replace that dinky little pumpkin with a 1 ton ford strait axle. You will be rock crawling in no time! Put one on the front too!
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