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  1. rapidrich69@gmail.com I have many of the parts you need from a 1970 z. It was a low mile car (38000) with not much rust. reasonable prices, parts in Kansas. What do you need?
  2. Thought you guys might be interested in my GTO project. I started by building a chrome-molly tube chassis to scca gt3 rules. 2400mm wheelbase same as the SWB Ferrari. I used a c4 corvette donor for the suspension, dressed it up and powder coated everything. All floor panels and firewall are .040 titanium. Wheel tubs, dash and shifter cover are real carbon fiber. Engine is a race prepped 355 inch sbc with all the good parts. Transmission is a magnesium Tex racing dog box with rem finished straight cut gears. 3 disc clutch and mag bell housing are Tilton. Shocks are top of the line Afco double a
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