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  1. G-Tech, e-mail me at philhuff69@yahoo.com
  2. Hi my name is Phil, and I live in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. I do have one used part for sale and the rest are new. The used part is a OEM complete parking brake system, the handle and entire cable, all in great shape. I also have a newer style parking brake, cable only. Aftermarket front and rear, drilled and slotted rotor's(4 bolt). Front and rear new brake pads. 6 braided caliper lines. A complete timing kit. Finally I have 2 aftermarket anodized rear brake bracket's, that were meant for a Willwood brake system. These did not fit my car do to my Manufacturer date. I have a May 81 zx, rear brakes for the 81's under went an upgrade in the Fall(Sept 81). These will fit the Sept 81, and 82 plus 83 ZX's. I can be contacted at philhuff69@yahoo.com
  3. I have brand new multiple 1981 280zx rear brake parts for sale. I also have a complete used OEM Parking Brake System, the handle and complete cable. Rotor's, slotted and drilled/new brake shoes, front n rear/ timing chain kit/2 New OEM Caliper's, the left does not have the mounting yoke/6 braided caliper lines/ and 2 anodized rear brake bracket's that were for a $1,200 Willwood system, fit the latter year 81 thru 83 zx's. 81's rear brakes were upgraded in Fall(Sept) of 81, my zx was manufactured in May 81.
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