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  1. Shoutout to Chip for awesome communication and customer service. I got my Mfactory LSD quickly, and my 280z is a different animal now. No more one legging coming out of sharp turns, and a much better launch (haven't really gone crazy dumping the clutch or anything, but a few chirps and she's gone). Thank you sir! Here's a recent video from the last autocross event.
  2. Thank you both Chip and Jon for that info... I am still researching the different diff's available and the Mfactory seems to have very good reviews (at least from other car models, haven't seen many Datsuns with them except for a few on here). I did have another question regarding the 10mm vs 12mm bolts (I honestly do not know what i have yet, but I do think it's a 3.54 gear ratio). You had mentioned in an older post about shims, is that info needed or has this diff been modified to accommodate either bolt size? At least now I understand that this is a torsen style diff, so much less maintenance (less gear oil changes and no clutches to wear out). The one downfall I've read is some aggressive courses with curbs that get one tire in the air will force it to lose traction, but I don't think i'll be in that scenario often. I'm 95% street, and occasional autocross in a flat parking lot (for now). Thanks guys. Dan
  3. Hi Chip, just curious what the current cost and availability is? Also, is this a 1 / 1.5 / 2 way? I'm starting to research LSD's for my '75 280z and am trying to learn what's what. Thanks! Dan
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