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  1. http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/15-16/bill/asm/ab_0501-0550/ab_550_bill_20150326_amended_asm_v98.htm
  2. Appears to be a pay to play adjustment to current smog law. After two attempts to smog the vehicle and an attempt to repair the issue, you can pay a $200 smog abatement fee and register your car. The bill is still pending, but might have a chance since there is an opportunity for increased revenue Just seeing if anyone has any more info on it ?
  3. I wish I had some witty comment, but I'm speechless..... http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/4174383268.html 1971 datsun 240z dune buggie $1,500 obo - $1500 (Vacaville)
  4. On all my Z's I pieced together the swap. Usually the hardest things to find are the rear mustache bar, diff cover, and rear A-arm brace. The 240z half shafts bolt up. And I leave the stub axles in the diff when I buy it at the junk yard. ZX's are common in the junk yards around here, but 280z's are getting scarce.
  5. Tach is SOLD, Distributor is FREE if you'd like to pick it up
  6. brake lines clutch master cylinder flex line emblems 280ZX Block/Transmission supports And Bolts, SOLD....
  7. Brand new stainless steel braided brake lines for 240z, never used- $50 shipped SOLD.... Brand new 240z clutch master cylinder and New flex line- get both for $25 shipped SOLD.... Brand new 240z lower fender emblems-pair- $40 shipped SOLD.... 77 280z Tach- $20 shipped 240z Distributor- new points, condensor, cap and rotor, vacuumm advance WORKS- $15 shipped (I carried it as a spare) 280ZX Block/Transmission supports, $20 shipped SOLD.... Datsun bolt collection- essentially free but you pay shipping- $12 shipped SOLD....
  8. I had a daily driver 01 S2000, great car, and like most things with a Honda badge, reliability was never an issue. And I was able to do my own maintenance . I only did 2 track days at sears point and thunderhill but the car was awesome. For a daily driver it’s a hard car to beat, my only complaint was a lack of torque. Sure I could drive around at 7500-9k all day to make up for it, but for everyday type situations it sometimes felt pretty gut-less. (I had an intake and exhaust on it, but save your money for forced induction, most mods have a minimal impact) Check out http://www.s2ki.com/s2000/ if you haven't already, good info and a good place to find one to buy.
  9. Car is located in citrus heights near sacramento CA, it is currently pending payment/pickup
  10. 1971 Datsun 240z Clean Title- VIN HLS3041072 Reason for selling- new project underway I bought this Z from the original owners in march of this year. Yes original owners I am the second owner. The car has been in California its whole life and is extremely clean. The only bit of rust I could find was some surface rust on the passenger side frame rail and even that looks like it was due to a battery leaking and just eating the paint. The original owner did use some rust proofing paint on the battery area (see pic). The car was completely repainted in 2001, they tried to match the original red but it honestly is a lot brighter. This is my 5th Z and is by far the cleanest and nicest I have ever owned. The odometer has 99k miles on it and it has rolled over once. The engine was rebuilt in the early 90’s at approx 150k miles. The car runs fantastic, I’ve driven it to several Z meets and completed 4-500 mile road trips without a hiccup. I have completed several upgrades since I bought it, which I’ve listed below. Unfortunately tragedy struck recently when a shovel fell off the wall in my garage and dented the drivers side fender. I estimate it will cost 5-700 to repair and I have adjusted my price accordingly Here is a list of features/upgrades and recent items replaced Engine Original L24 w/E31 head Rebuilt in the early 90's approx 50k since rebuild New Battery New ZX Alternator w/zstore.com adapter Allison Optical trigger ignition MSD Blaster II Coil Taylor 8mm wires 260z N36 Intakes (Better flow) 2-1/2 Exhaust with a Magnaflow glasspack and Summit turbo muffler K&N air filters with indivudual Chrome air Cleaners (Stock air horns cut out and mounted inside air cleaners) New Champion 3-Row Aluminum Radiator with Dual electric fans on thermo controlled switch Interior 2006 Mazda Miata Leather seats Grant GT Steering wheel (Original Steering wheel also included) 280z Tach 280z Voltmeter Drivetrain Late ZX 5-speed transmission 81-83 model New Clutch R200 rear diff with 3:90 Gears XXR 527 Wheels 15x8.25 Brand new Falken Ziex tires 205/50/15 Other Zenon urethane front air damn- I have the stock painted lower valance One coil has been removed from the suspension all the way around, rides great, just gives it a little lower stance, most speed bumps are no problem. Issues- The Bad Clock- Doesn’t work Glovebox- The original cardboard one fell apart and there is currently nothing behind the glove box door Lap belts- It only has lap belts, the shoulder harnesses are missing Dash cracks- Like every Z the dash is cracked, I included a picture Door panel- the drivers side door panel has a rip at the top Seats- the seats do not slide forward or back, they are mounted on fixed brackets, they do however recline/lean forward. Gauge lights- the gauge lights stopped working, the headlights work fine, but I haven’t been able to get the gauge lights to work. Horn- the horn button on the steering wheel is not hooked up Walk Around Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9guuv6X2QoI
  11. Open to offers on intake, distributor, and shifter
  12. http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/pml/cto/2619410616.html Copied from Craigslist Skyline! 1990 GTSt - $5000 (Maple Ridge) This isn't your normal skyline. This motherfcker is the skyline God would drive if he wasn't busy doing God sh*t like making tsunamis and crap. Its set up to go fast, and go fast sideways. Who doesn't like to get sideway?! Terrorists, thats who. Are you a terrorist? No? Then you need this car. Handling? This car handles like a junior executive CEO. Go around corners like the devil himself is chasing you, and not give a ***. Whats that? You like drifting? Well I've got some great god d@mn news for you. This car was a drift project of mine, and the last owner was planning on making it a drift machine too. Interior is for ******* so we got rid of it. Manly as ***. It literally oozes testosterone. So much so that its puddling up in the back. Seats? this ******cker has got two. One for you, and one for the hot @ss broad thats gunna be all upons your **** after you buy this car. You're a girl? Sh*t works both ways. One seat for you, and one seat for that hot @ss dude you've been trying to hook up with for weeks. Deal with it,sh*ts getting serious. Stereos and AC are for hippies. Fortunately this car has neither. Oh look at me, I like listen to Simon and Garfunkel and think about puppies. F*ck that. The only noises you're gunna be hearing is the ultra manly engine noises coming from this sweet turbocharged, intercooled, 24 valve inline 6. Sh*ts getting real, real f*cking fast. This car has got a bright orange ebrake handle (b*tches love orange) with a drift button for those super ultra megahellatastic bar room brawler ebrake lockers. F*ck. Yes. Now, I'll be honest. The wheels are a little lackluster, although everyones gunna be so focused on your super gangster drifting that nobody is going to give a f*ck about your sh*tty stock 16s. Don't worry, I've got you ****** covered. Its like we're in Vietnam and you just got ambushed by Charlie. Don't worry, friend, I've got your ****** back and I blow charlie to kingdom ****** come. For an extra $450 I can throw in some added p*ssy magnets for wheels, just don't come crawling back to me complaining that you're getting TOO much vajayjay. Bright ****** green 18s. Greens not your thing? Super legit silver 18s. Done like dinner. This car has got 1.5 metric f*ck tons of awesome parts. Bride, Greddy, Brembo, the list doesn't f*cking END. It just keeps going and going, like the energizer bunny on speed. You like going fast? Ever tried to outrun 24 police cars and 3 helicopters? You need this car. It will go so ****** fast that you may very well go back in time. It happened to me once. Just once, but it was ****** rad. Its like someone took a rocket and opened its mouth and poured steroids down its throat and and threatened to kill its family if it wasn't the fastest motherfcker you've ever driven. I get it. You're busy, I'm busy, lets not waste time. If you're interested send me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP. You send me a message, I send you one right back. Thats how this works.
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