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  1. I have a complete n42 head. I can drop it off too
  2. I am considering pieces to the kit now.
  3. I'm looking for a L28et Harness w/ Z31 ecu conversion which would include: Harness, z31 turbo ecu, maf, & wheel. I would prefer it to be pulled from a running car. If no one can offer me the entire setup, I will start hunting for parts of the setup.
  4. Please tell me this is going to be a long term offer from you. I'll be definitely purchasing one once tax season is here.
  5. I have no use for this item. I just wanted to identify it so I can sell it. Thanks!
  6. Attached is a photo of a fuel rail off of an L series, L28. I am having a hard time identifying the company who made this. Please help me out.
  7. Looking for a damaged skinny bumper. This gives you an opportunity to get rid of your dented up bumper that you will never fix. You must be local, socal 92831. I'll pick it up.
  8. 75 with shipping? or not included
  9. I am looking for a used aftermarket down pipe for a l28et specifically for an S30 by MSA.
  10. Have you sold the 81 harness yet?

    Thanks, Taylor

  11. Have you sold the 81 harness yet?

    Thanks, Taylor

  12. Wilmington, CA. Pick your part. As of 5/229/2012. there are 3 s30's, two 280zx, and one 300zx.
  13. Hey guys, I need a 1977 280z wiring harness for the engine.
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