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  1. Hey guys, Just curious; how many of you are running without power steering with your SBC's? If you don't have PS, do you drive the car daily? And how is it coping with the heaviness of the steering? Thanks!
  2. Had to dimple the headers to offer a little more clearance, but I'm still burning up the wires.
  3. That's the Nissan Works bodykit. ZCCJDM had them for awhile, but I'm guessing that the demand for them was far too low and he's no longer selling them. If you contact him, he might be able to source one for you.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy a JTR Radiator Mounting Kit. I have the radiator sitting in my living room, but I have no mounts to put it in with!
  5. Bump. Still looking for the mounting kit for the JTR Radiator
  6. picture 1 picture 2 picture 3 This was back when I ran 205/60/15 on 15x7 Epsilon mesh wheels.
  7. Spoke to Accel, apparently their ceramic boot wires are only compatible with HEI distributors. Bummer. Good news is that I got my headers dimpled right by the plug heads, and now that I have extra clearance between the headers and the plugs, the car is running great.
  8. I've already bought the pre '73 mounts. Only problem being that the '73's have different side mounts on the bumper, putting them much further forward. If I can't find a pre '73 bumper, then I'll just have to modify mine.
  9. Looking for a 1970-1972 front bumper to replace my 5MPH '73 bumper.
  10. Called up Summit to make sure that I'm buying the right plugs, and apparently the Accel Ceramic plugs wouldn't be right for me. They're all appropriate for HEI distributors and I have an old points style.
  11. Yep, Vortec heads. I'll be ordering the ceramic boots soon. I'll let you all know if that fixes anything.
  12. Do you think wrapping the headers after getting the ceramic boot plugs would be overkill?
  13. Just swapped out my old 305 with a new 350. Problem is, the spark plugs are right up against my JTR headers and it's causing the plugs to heat up and arc. The car runs perfectly when cold, but once those plugs heat up, the engine takes a major hit in power. I have these insulator boots, but they don't seem to do that job. How do you guys route your spark plug wires and how do you deal with heat coming from the headers?
  14. Bump. No one has a JTR Radiator mounting kit??
  15. I just bought the aluminum radiator from JTR, but apparently they're out of stock and possibly won't be manufacturing them anymore. Just wondering if anyone out there has their mounting kit that they are willing to sell. For reference, I'm speaking of this: V8 Radiator Mounting Kit
  16. ZCCJDM had them for awhile but I'm guessing no one bought them or showed interest, so he took it down. Ask azcarbum, I'm sure he still has his connections.
  17. Will a 305 SBC with either of these two intake/carb combos fit under the stock hood of a 240Z? Summit Racing® Induction Kit Pro Packs Edelbrock Performer EPS Intake Manifold and Carburetor Kits Thanks for your help!
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