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  1. Thanks all for the input. Feel a lot more comfortable removing the doors now thank you, brian
  2. Hi All, I drove my 432 inspired z for a few months, and now want to restore the car. Is it ok to remove the doors with the engine and transmission still inside the car? It’s an rb26 so a bit heavier than L series. I’ve heard someone mention body sag a long time back, but not sure. I want to send out doors and panels to my body guy while I have the car sand blasted
  3. Thanks all for suggestion. I will go with cutting the potted rust and putting fresh metal. Plan on having this car for a long time. I’m in Datsun parts and needs. Thanks for the link, but it seems they don’t advertise the bottom side of slam panel which is pictured. The top I got from MSA
  4. Hello All, fixing rust on my 72 240z and found a good amount of pitting under the rear slam lid after removing spot welds. There was a hole which my welder fixed (third picture) but not sure if I should fix whole pitted areas or just prep and Por-15 it.
  5. Please delete post wrong section
  6. Yah I saw this video and the part 2. Still have many unanswered questions.
  7. Hello All, I am ready to Order an RB26DETT, but am having a hold up on transmission. I have read the forums and searched, but most of my answers come in the form of pictures, but I am not able to see since the Photobucket account thing. The RB25DET is 5 speed is at $1,800. I know I can use a Z32 NA/ Turbo or a Z31 87-89 Turbo transmission for the swap, I just need the Rb26dett bellhousing. It seems from my research the Z32 will need the shifter bracket modified to line up with the shifter hole, I really would not like to cut to enlarge the hole. My question are: Will a
  8. Thanks for your input guys. I am happy it isn't anything major. I will try to look for a shop, i'm sure I'll find one in Los Angeles. Bo, do you which shop you ultimately went to? I met you at a korean bbq z meeting.
  9. Chrome is the best thing I've done for my computer's.
  10. Hi everyone, My friends Z got into an accident. It was a minor accident where it was rear ended without having his rear bumper. The crash was fixed, but was still left with this unaligned door to rear panel when the body man said the frame was pulled. The body man said he is going to try a bit more but does not want to "overpull" the frame. It seem like he fixed the dents with wire weld slide hammer. Is there still hope with frame pulling after the creased dents have been fixed? What is the best method to try to fix gap on door to rear quarter panel. The door is in its place, the only thing is
  11. JDizzy. We talked before. Alex showed me these. Looks great man. I might have to do that later on. But now I'm in love with what I have.
  12. Nice, hard to find skilled people to widen wheels. Eric cut the wheel and got another half and heat sunk the wheel onto the wat. He insured that it would be strong. He said he welded it to make sure no air leaks. He cut a groove on original wat lip so wheel can sit properly and heat sink.
  13. Thanks s30z aficionados. I will be using 245 45 16 fuzion zr1 in the rear and 225 45 dunlop direzza up front. The 225 will be replaced after some driving to 245 45 all around. It's true 16" tire options are not good. I will be using bridgestone potenza re-11 or Toyo Proxes T1R. Both come in 245 45/16. I think a big push from porsche guys has increased the demand for 245 45. A lot easier to find than before. Polishing cost $30 per wheel Widening cost $220 per wheel. BADLER, They mirror polish at the factory?
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