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  2. DP, If I remember the correct studs are 12MM - 1.25mm per inch, most of the after market 12mm studs are 1.5mm. you'll probably need to by studs and lug nuts. American 7/16" aren't going to fit. Jim
  3. jhm, a work of art is never done. Nice ride.
  4. Originally white, repainted in 1987 with GM 817, single stage urethane.
  5. Bought in 1985 with a blown engine for $1000.00. Repowered with another L26, painted Corvette white (817) urethane single coat, new seat covers, new carpeting finished in 1987. (still looks good) The neat thing is the electric sunroof. Welded in, doesn't leak, seals tight (no wind noise) it offers the best of both worlds. The pic of the wheel well shows the original paint of the chassis, still clean and shiny underneath.
  6. We'll I got this far, video will have to be later. The nice thing about this sunroof is it keeps the body lines, and does not protrude. Jim
  7. I tried to put the pictures up, but the computer would'nt "upload". I'll try again later. Jim
  8. I love mine, but It's different than any Z installation I've ever come accross. The unit is electric operated, and slides back into thr roof. When closed it seals tight. Four corner drain tubes keep it from leaking into the cabin, and there is no wind noise. The car was originally from Texas, and whoever welded this in place did a fantastic job. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has this setup. Jim
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