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  1. Hey guys...the nhra style..ie.. Jegs etc. have a main hoop and also a roof hoop. The down bars meeting this roof hoop at the windshield post...Do the forward down tubes need to start at the main hoop?
  2. Hey guys.. new to Hybrid Z. I just got a 73 240 w/ a JTR kit..an ole 305 / 700 r combo..previous owner installed... Any way the RB-Rs have a 3 .5 inch lip while the RBs are 7.5 inches wide with a 4mm offset ...meaning...little lip but correct offset..adding a little to the rim towards the coilover..centering the wheel better in the wheel well. IMO ...Spoke with a 18racing.com saleslady on the phone.. she said that most people were just ordering 8.5s all around. I'm going wth the RB 17x 7.5/ 235/45-17 BFG G-force and RB-R 17x8.5 / 255/45- 17. I'll post photos as soon as they get
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm new to Hybrid Z having just bought a 73 305/700r jtr needing tons of work. My question is what ..Will these wheels from 18racing fit a stock z? Size: 2 PCS )16X8 RB-R , 2 PCS 17X8.5 RBR ( DEEP LIPS 3.5") Bolt pattern: 4X114.3 Offset: +04 Hub bore:73 Color: HYPERBLACK WITH POLISH LIP ( SPECIAL ANODIZED COLOR) Condition: NEW in factory boxes 4Caps included. I plan on installing flares. And also for street use, which is most beneficial for the money... Tokico Illumina Shocks / Springs or their HP series...Or if you have suggestions....Any help.
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