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  1. cool,speeder thank you in advanced for your help with my issues. I'll def be checking back in this forum more frequently. I work on base friday through monday so i'm off tues weds and thurs, i'll def go ahead and load the maps up and see if it fixes my issues
  2. I'm deff down to pm you and try to learn how to get the car running, i need to just see if i can ship it to someone that knows what they are doing with it to be honest but want to driveable so i can fix some other things on the car also like alignment and try to see if this trans i put in is worth the money i paid for it
  3. im running the stock injectors and i have an hks blow off valve with an intercooler,, thats about it.. other than an aem wideband o2 sensor.. yea i've been looking around for shops, the only ones i've been able to find are either in north alabama or south (close to miami) florida.. i can't think of anything else i have that could be different.. i bought my setup from racetep a while back and had it installed at a local shop (really really really) bad idea.. if i could do it over i would install it myself (im an avionics specialist in the airforce) now i'm going over their work chasing my tail
  4. have u chcked the igniter that could def cause no spark... i mean whatever is giving the signal to the distributer isn't doing its job if you arent getting spark right?
  5. sorry for the LATE reply but i've been really busy working on my other money pit (evo ix) but i have an electromotive tec3gt and i cant seem to get the car to ever startup right, but when i do and get it running, as soon as i hit the gas, it leans out and stalls.. i'm literally HOURS away from any tunning shop where i live (about 30miles from pensacola fla) and i would just like to have the car reliable enough to start and drive to a shop where i can get tunned.. I spent $$$ on this setup and i'm starting to regret my choice just for the simple fact that nobody can actually tune it.. i might even sell the whole setup and start from scratch if i can't find a solution.. my car has been sitting for two years now and i really need to get it back on the road so i can finish getting my mechanicals together before i take everything down to restore it
  6. Does anyone have any stock base maps for the 280zxt setup, i swapped an 81 motor into my '76 and i've been playing with this computer on and off for about two years now.. I've taken the car two about 3 different shops and in my area, (navarre fl) there arent any shops close enough to get tunned... ugh i've even called the electomotive to try and get some tech support... if ANYONE has some tips to getting the car started and running right
  7. Thanks, yea i was looking in megasquirt and electromotive.. i'm trying to set up a base map on my car. the link you sent is pretty helpful
  8. I've been searching for information about the stock 280zxturbo injectors now for a few day and all i seem to find is this: http://yarchive.net/car/injectors.html Now my question is, are the stock turbo injectors 2amp or 4amp injectors?
  9. Nismopick i know what your talking about.. lol, and thanks for the info. from all of the reading i've been doing on previous posts, i thought that maybe i could have still kept my a/c with the stock afm. i guess i was mistaken. i guess i might have to start looking for z31t ecu's pretty soon.
  10. and oh yea good luck running a turbo car on battery power, i know from experience its not going to work very well
  11. OKAY so i know alot of you guys might think this was a dumb idea but when ford introduced the now old new f-150 a few years ago, svt actually had the same exact idea your talking about and yes it did improve performance. they basically ran all of the lines in front of the intercooler so while driving the outside air would flow around the lines and in turn cool off the air before it hit the intercooler.. its a pretty good idea but ford never ended up comming out with another lightning for whatever reason.. and the system never got introduced on a production car.. but now that i think about it, i always see the condensors located at the front of the radiators on newer cars..scion xb? must have some advantage
  12. yea i'm sorry about misleading people about the whole mass airflow thing........ i meant airflow meter.. i guess i'm just going to have to get an ecu if there is no other way to get around it being in my way.. everything will not be stock except for the internals many of the accessories will be eliminated. i'm waiting for my 240sx throttle body to come in and i'm putting my 280z intake manifold on to eliminate many of the vacuum lines and clean up the engine bay along with a fuel rail and an intercooler, which is why i was asking the question.. i mean is there no substitute for the stock airflow meter that is smaller and easier to place in a better location? all your help is appreciated
  13. okay i'm currently trying to see about getting some intercooler piping fabed up for my car and i'm not sure if there is any way to eliminate the HUGE mass airflow sensor or replace it with something smaller and more efficient without changing my ecu.. right now i have an 81 turbo motor in a 76' car.. and i'm not sure what a maf translator is or how it works but i'm not sure if it would work either http://www.horsepowerfreaks.com/partdetails/HorsepowerFreaks/Electronics/MAF_Translators/PRO_Kit/9986 the reason why i'm so worried about it is because i really want to have a/c sometime in the near future and i just wanted to know what kind of setups you guys are running with mass airflow sensors
  14. i think the speedhut gauges are pretty different. the other gauges are completely dark until you need them and perform a self test when you start the car. also the defi gauges are capable of recording information and replaying it in the future.. it would be very nice to have a speedo and tach designed like this BUT i haven't seen it done yet
  15. what they NEED to do is keep the new 370z and still build this car (the latest version from the autoblog post) keep the price VERY LOW and put a low boost turbo 4 in it to compete with the solstice/mx-5 keep it around the size of the original car and watch the bankroll come in.. i know they are comming out with a new 240sx so i'm really not sure how they would market this car unless they made the 240sx a 2+2 and made this smaller z a true 2 seat sports car.. i think what auto companies and never understand is that with small affordable sports cars, they don't really need to be super fast out of the factory, they just need to make something tuner friendly with a good platform. if nissan came out with anything like these cars i wouldn't think twice, i'd go and buy it.. right now i'm on the 10 year savings plan to buy a gtr
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