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  1. 3 hours ago, ritrebor said:

    Looks good Hans

    Let us know when you take it out again.





    I have only been driving it around town and to car shows, lately.

    My racing days are over.

    10 years ago my wife said that I raced too fast in the quarter mile for a man my age. So I kept racing because I would not let her think she could be right.

    However, my Senior Citizen body can no longer handle the G forces and brutal acceleration on the drag strip. It has been a FUN ride but a man has got to know his limitations (Better late than never ).

  2. On 12/24/2017 at 11:19 AM, egzlilgituarboy9 said:

    Have you had it on the dyno previously with the old setup? And it's a stock block correct? 


    Never on a dyno before. It is a Motown ll 400 ci racing block. My old set up produced a best mph of 163 in the quarter mile. Standard racing conversion for the weight of the Z and that mph

    equates to over 1000 flywheel hp.  

  3. I designed and Mack fabricated this electric water-pump and 6 gallon ice-water combination tank for the air to water inter-cooler.




    A kitchen sink stainless steel screen strainer blocks the larger ice particles from entering the 25 gpm Meziere pump.




    The tank fits securely and snugly between the Z's wheel tubs.



  4. Here is the installed CBR Performance radiator and Earl's Transmission cooler.

    I made the front panels, on both sides of the radiator, through which the turbo intakes are protruding.

    It appears Rustoleum's Automotive Enamel #252459 Cherry Red spray can paint, on the side panels, is a good match to the Z's body paint.




    These pics show the other side of the turbo air intake tubes.

    And, how the Spal fan and intake manifold coolant hoses are attached to the radiator.





  5. The carburetor is a Pro-Form 750 double pumper with Pro-Series, dual needle and seat, float bowls.

    CSU handled all the "blow through" modifications and installed Boost Referenced Power Valves in both metering blocks.


    The following MSD components provide ignition:

        Billet distributor, #85551,

        6-BTM ignition box, #6462,

        and Blaster coil-2, #8203




    The electric water pump is a Meziere, #WP 301 S, 55 gph unit and the one-wire alternator is rated at 140 amps.



  6. The block is a 4.125 bore Motown ll.


    The rotating assembly is a Speed-O-Motive crankshaft kit consisting of:

        3.75" stroke 4340 crankshaft,

        H-beam 6.00" Eagle rods,

        and 8.8 compression JE  ...2618 forged pistons.


    The Edelbrock Victor jr. cylinder heads contain:

        2.08" intake and 1.60" exhaust valves,

        1.55" double valve springs,

        and Competition Cams Magnum 1.5 roller rocker arms.




    The Chet Herbert solid roller cam has the following specifications:

        Intake duration is 242 @.050 and .580" lift,

        Exhaust duration is 248 @ .050 and .600" lift,

        Lobe separation angle is 114 degrees,

        and installed centerline is 110 degrees ( 4 advanced ),

        Valve lash is .018 intake and .020 exhaust.


    The Edelbrock Victor jr. intake manifold has had the thermostat housing removed 

    and two AN-16 bungs were welded in place to route coolant to the radiator

    via stainless steel braided hoses.



  7. Engine and transmission is going in.




    Despite the modified cross-member, the Milodon Drag Race oil pan, #31145, would not clear.

    The pan comes with a windage tray and double trap doors. The tapered sump measures 6" in front and 7 5/8" in rear.




    I removed the interference portion of the pan at the front to allow cross-member clearance.

    Mack, then expertly welded  a piece of metal to the pan to seal the front end.

    This modification provided the necessary clearance.



  8. It never ceases to amaze me how much of a unibody S30 can be cut away without affecting it structurally! Your car is awesome-maybe better than before. Makes me wanna go run my car into some pea gravel and a safety net!



    Well....I'm cautiously optimistic that the body will be structurally sound! We will find out at the next race. HaHa...pea gravel and a safety net are an expensive modification. 

  9. I have been working on rewiring the Z and preparing the engine compartment for engine installation. The first pic shows the Motorsports Auto type 3 air-dam with fog lights, which I wired to act as turn signals.




    The other pics show the Design Engineering Inc, #010399, heat screen with adhesive backing that can withstand 1200 F direct heat. The heat screen was applied to the areas where there was minimal header and down-pipe clearance.





  10. Two Aeromotive A 1000, #11101, fuel pumps have their AN-10 outlet fuel lines joined by a Y to a single AN-10 fuel line. This line connects to an Aeromotive A 2000, #13202, Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator. An Aeromotive,#15107, One-Way AN-10 check valve prevents reverse fuel flow through the inactive fuel pump when only one pump is running for street driving. However, both pumps are activated during racing. Two Aeromotive, #12304, 100 Micron fuel filters are plumbed between the fuel cell and the pumps.


    The pics also show the Hal coilover shocks and 150 lbs. springs.

    The 9" Ford has been painted Rustoleum satin black with a brush.

    Brush streak marks add Character.....



  11. The Z is at home but needs everything to be re-assembled.


    Big 12" drilled and vented Wilwood 4-piston front brakes have been installed. It was a close fit but with custom off-set spacers the 15" Weld Drag-Light wheels fit.


    The pic also shows the Techno-Toy-Tuning Tension Control Rod. This rod is much stronger than the stock Datsun unit and eases caster adjustment.




    The 9" Ford differential received 11 1/4" Strange 4-piston disc brakes. The 9" is a Currie "Plus" unit with 31 spline axles and 5/8" wheel studs. The gears are 3.50's with a Strange spool.



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