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  1. He is probably one of those guys that asked a question that has been asked and answered many times before and now he's butt-hurt. I'm all about asking if you don't know, but what have you done to help yourself? Look at it this way, at least you're known in the Datsun Community on and off the forums. Why? Because you know how to hand over reality and common sense. Much respect to you for that
  2. Hmm for a 240.... I have a 280...so many questions lie there.
  3. Interested. Clicked on the link and it doesn't take you anywhere. Just an ebay page? Are there any more pictures of the dash mounted? Really interested in how it fits/sits in the car. Are the gauge 'holes' precut or we would need to cut to fit them?
  4. Heck, how much are the fiberglass ones even? I need to panels and cardboard just won't cut it again.
  5. Rats. Yeah I wasn't looking for NOS, not going for a full restore. Just looking for replacements that are in good quality.
  6. So after much trolling, searching and even looking for outsourced parts from asia, I cannot for the life of me find replacement headlight assemblies/buckets. Now, clarification, my headlight buckets, aka sugar scoops, aka nacells are perfectly fine. What is now being wasted away is the actually headlight bowls. I have seen that there are bowls (both inner and outer) for other Datsuns (1200 B110, b220 etc) but nothin for the Z. Closest I've seen is the inner bowl (holds the lamp for adjustment), but nothing for th outter housing. Where do people go when their headlight bowls need replacement? Unfortunetly where I am located there are no pick and pulls or junkyards that I could go and try to see if there are any Z remains. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. So retro-spec is no longer with c7? or is this a side business now? Only reason I ask is because the same pictures on retro-spec are on c7 (RB26powered's z is on both.) I'd much rather support the small business owners
  8. Don't mean to hijack the thread at all, but since were on the topic of headlights, where does everyone get headlight replacement buckets? Not the sugar scoop bucket but the actual headlight bucket and inner bowl?
  9. That I am, currently not there and will be gone till the 22nd. Whats up?

  10. Hi! Are you in the Chicago area?

  11. How did you restore the emblems? Just painters tape and an exacto knife? Cars looking great btw! Same plan I had (have?) with mine, except what started as a simple engine swap and rebuild ended up being a full 'frame-up' restoration..... Lexus Pearl blue with white interior is my goal
  12. I think you're referring to the lamp itself. I'm looking for the metal cup that holds the lamp (to adjust angle) and the metal bowl that holds this metal cup.
  13. Hmmm might have to take up that offer. This is the metal basket that holds the lights up no? Any pictures and whats the price you're asking?
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