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  1. MTenneZ

    MS V.3(b)

    Front side of board
  2. MTenneZ

    MS V.3

    Back of board
  3. I too will be curious to know how it turns out since I have that same things. I got my LC-1 last week and it is a nice piece, with most everything you need in the box. One question, which version of MSnS-extra are you guys running?
  4. Well that wasn't exactly the answer I was looking for...but I like it. Turns out that it was a factory Mitsu piece. Suffice it to say I will not be using a second set.
  5. This came out of a 97 Eclipse GSX with a minor case of crankwalk. Anywho, that symbol is all I have to go on, I would assume that it is OEM but the oil holes DON'T line up. And so far neither do the aftermarket ones I have found. I have the dealership ordering a new thrust bearing so we can compare. But if that does not work then... Anyone recognize that symbol?
  6. MTenneZ

    Roll Pan

    This is not fun
  7. MTenneZ

    Battery tray area

    All patched up
  8. MTenneZ

    No Bumper

    Awaiting the roll pan
  9. MTenneZ

    Rear deck patch

    Well more than a patch
  10. MTenneZ

    Fuel cell

    Well, it fits!
  11. MTenneZ

    Fuel cell frame

    But will the cell fit?
  12. In the hardware kit there will be 2 new end caps that fit into the CV housing on the inboard side (differential side). They have a extension in the center which will keep the axle shaft from sliding back and forth. I just put mine together last month.
  13. MTenneZ

    Q45 Axles

    Assembled axles and adaptors
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