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  1. I'm doing a v mount with my SR20 setup as well, but I had more space between the enigne and intercooler than that. I used a transition and a hump hose. I would put the IC more forward if you could. On the other hand You could solidly mount the engine... but this isn't a good enough reason to do that.
  2. Vildini motorsports in mission viejo is on hybridZ here and has a TON of experience with SR swaps. They helped me a lot with questions I had. The thing that makes the VET different is the need for the relocated cam switching oil lines or firewall bashing. Aftermarket ems [because the dizzy on the back of the head] or a firewall bashing. or you could just set the motor way forward and higher. but then it would be sticking out of the hood, and be a poor way to go about the swap in my opinion. Flipped intake manifold, or i guess some crazy intake piping... and the external oil feed for the cam switch. and some sort of rpm switch to switch the cams when you want. There's lots of little misc stuff you have to mess around with too because of the fwd head rwd block thing. Think of it as a head swap. as thats the only ve part you really use.
  3. Hey! I did this too last year. And yeah i got the idea from maximum boost as well. Highly, highly reccomended book. You can see the cuvature of the divider on there in marker.
  4. Yeah thats what I ended up doing. Oil-pan level, engine slanted. I've been in college and haven't been able to work on the car really, due to it being 300 miles away... but my dad said he might be towing it down soon. sadface. To fill the need to modify, I've been helping Justin 280zforce with his car.. Myron, when are you coming down with me to Justin's btw?
  5. just searched for datsun tail light http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/DATSUN-620-UTE-Rear-Bumper-Tail-Lights-LH-RH-NEW-as_W0QQitemZ260221790584QQihZ016QQcategoryZ42613QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  6. thats a nice goal to shoot for i think. i think some old datsun [or other import] trucks have taillights that look similar.
  7. We're going to work on them this week while I'm on break. At least Justin's and my set [in carbon fiber.] If things go well we'll be starting production soon.
  8. Joe, those red flares you posted are different than ours. Ours dont have that lip on the inside. The ones that alan posted look more like our flares.
  9. ahem.... *We* created the molds, Justin. haha. These will be available when we have time to make them. My school schedule hasn't really been allowing for it recently. We'll let you know when that happens.
  10. Have you skinned your knuckles on it yet?
  11. Hey, Im on turbobricks too woohoo!
  12. the 16 gears thing, is that they keep shifting, and shifting, and shifting, but they never downshift.
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