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  1. I still have the hks exhaust..still interested? text 850 217-1484 Joel

  2. I am looking for a HKS s130 exhaust. I am aware that they are very rare, however I have seen murmers that they still exist. I am offering $300-$350 USD for a genuine piece. I MIGHT be willing to negotiate for more depending on the situation
  3. Can somebody at least scan the manuals, and spec sheets? The idea being us n/a guys can have fun with the daily driver, so we can build a proper rocket
  4. IT'S BAAAAAAAACCCCKKK. But this time....differently. The car started perfectly, warmed up, and pulled out of the driveway. I get 1/2 a mile down the road, the car dies, doing the same stupid clicky thing with the relays. Okay, I pull over, pop the hood, and clean all the wires. nothing. After about 30min of trying crap, I roll start it. IT WORKS. This time I make it about 1/4 of a mile. It hasn't run since, its been about 2.5 hrs... I'm going to try to throw on a charger tomorrow, and see what that does, i suspect nothing... ALSO, now my starter is having issues. I turn the key to start, and i
  5. I just cleaned the cables themselves. there was a good bit of superficial corrosion on them, and having removed that, I feel dumb. problem solved, car runs better than ever!
  6. battery is good, and I cleaned all the terminals. Sorry, meant to type Motor* and Ill try cleaning the cables themselves, since I do have aftermarket connectors, but OE cables.
  7. My daily driver is a 82/83 280. I recently put a rebuilt morot in it, and am about 100mi in to the break in period. Sunday, I left my lights on and killed the battery. I managed to get a jump, and make it home. Apparently I did not run it long enough to charge properly. Monday, when I went to start it to warm it up, it managed to crank it once or twice, but never start it. Fine, so I grab the battery charger, and hook it up. After about 20min of trying to get it start, it finally does. then promptly died. both the EFI and fuel pump relays are clicking like crazy, the fuel pump doesn't actually
  8. Thanks phil! What brand were yours?
  9. Alright, so suspension it is. The only problem is that my father might not allow me to put them on (the car is in his name for insurance reasons,) but I hope so.... Any brand suggestions? I know that Suspension techniques does a kit, and that runs about $215. I can get the Eibach Pro-Line kit for about 300, as well....
  10. I'm planning on painting my Z to black, and getting covers and tinting them, so my vote is TINT
  11. She corners like a monster. I'm not sure what type of comparison this is, but I'm able to spank my friend's talon, which is lowered/on perf. springs (not sure brand.) So, no worries there
  12. That's what I keep hearing. I was under the impression it would make more sense to wait on the springs, and do a full spring/shock swap together
  13. Alright, in about a month or two, I will be purchasing SOMETHING for my Z. However, I have a dilemma; I can purchase a header and lowering springs for about the same price (around $250.) I'm just trying to get opinions from people who have done both, and what their experience would suggest. At present, I have a stock suspension, as well as a cold air intake and cat-back exhaust. I do realize that its a matter of personal opinion, but I am going to do both of them in the end, so it's just a matter of the timing of it all. On the matter of headers, which brand/company/entity would provid
  14. alright, i cant claim to be an expert, as i dont YET have enough experience. BUT, i,too, have an exhaust leak at the header, and have backfiring at that same rpm, so my vote is that it IS due to the leak
  15. yeah, no worries on the arm rests, mine are fine. its just the top of the panels are faded and cracking like crazy
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