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  1. Sooooo, almost a year later I finally bought MS3. Will be installing it over the next week or so. Still in need of a base map.
  2. I'm about the buy a MS3 to replace my SDS that I've had for years. If you've ever used SDS you know how different the 2 setups are in terms of tuning. Would love to find a base map to give me a good starting point. Can anyone help me out with that? Thanks! Jon
  3. Rb25 can handle some abuse as long as it has a good tune. I've had really good luck with untouched motors.
  4. I'm enjoying working on this one. Nice break from working on z32's everyday! lol
  5. I've had lots of trucks and suv's as tow vehicles over the years and the full size gm's are my favorite by far. You can pick up a 99+ chevy 1500 with the 4.8 or 5.3 and they make decent tow vehicles. Decent on gas, very comfortable imo, and very reliable in my experience. The price on them has really come down since the new body style came out. A few years back I had a 2000 Sierra ex-cab and it was great until I got the diesel bug and bought a 2003 f-250. Sold it and went back to a 2002 chevy 1500hd and I think I'll be keeping it for a while. Oh yeah, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to work on as well. Jon
  6. Damnit. I hate to hear about your dad and the car. I can't imagine how it feels for the car to get away on the big end like that! Scary stuff. Jon
  7. This is a local race that started a few months back. 275 or smaller drag radial is the main requirement for the race. Definately some fast cars showing up to run. I'm the only import and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that drives in. Had a little incident at 3:00 and my z catches on fire. Never really felt the need for a fire jacket or anything but this makes me think twice now. Got really lucky. Only damage I've found so far is some wiring and bubbled paint on the hood. Could have been alot worse for sure. On a positive note.....cut my best 60 ft to date that night. Cut 1.40 two runs in a row on my little 235 drag radials. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE0y6lsBWsM&feature=player_embedded#!
  8. +1 for you're Rep Jon!

  9. Here's a few vids from this past weekend at the local dragstrip. This was a 275 tire race.....some of the cars had no business being on 275's. I was on 235's myself. 275 Beat Down at Mobile Dragway 2nd Round of Qualifing 275 Beat Down at Mobile Dragway 275 Beat Down at Mobile Dragway
  10. Here's what broken stock 280zxt axle shafts look like....lol. I'm curious to know how these axles are holding up for you. I broke the ones above when trying out the trans-brake. Haven't tried using it since but cut 1.4x 60ft pretty consistantly on another set of zxt axles.
  11. The plugs I run now are NGK bpr8es and they have been perfect. And you don't need a metal headgasket or studs. Assuming you have a decent tune, you will break a rod or piston before you blow a headgasket (ask me how I know). My motor is internally untouched and making well over 600 rwhp @ 20 psi and a 125 shot....through an automatic trans! This is my 3rd rb25....broke a ringland on the first after about 2 years and slung a rod on the 2nd after another 2 years. This one is about year old, has seen nothing but abuse, and has been great. All 3 have had stock headgaskets and bolts.....untouched motors.
  12. I ran NGK r5671a-8 for a while and they worked great on motor. I was having random backfires on the nitrous so I switched to a resistor plug and fixed it. I forget the plug number but I'll look tomorrow.
  13. Definately get one with gas. Better off getting a good brand used than one from Harbor Freight. I picked up a Hobart 250 for $500 about a year ago and it is awesome. Probably a little big for body work. I borrowed a Lincoln 135 or 140 for a while and was a good little welder....probably great for what you want. Plugs into 110 but still welded great. Only about $500-600 new so you should be able to find a used one for a little less. Jon
  14. No reason to tear into the motor. I have had very good luck buying motors like this and putting them straight into cars. I always change the timing belt and rear main seal. Thats about it. One of my rb's even came from Venus. The one in my car now is another bone stock motor, never taken apart and makes ~650 rwhp and runs well into the 9's at over 140mph in the 1/4. It won't last forever running like that but it's a damn good motor for now. lol I would definately take a chance and stick the motor in as is. Once it's running, if you decide it needs work, then pull it back out and go through it. It's suprising to hear the comments about Venus. Anyone I know that has gotten a motor from them has been very happy with them, including myself. Jon
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