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  1. I have one, shipping might be a bit
  2. I have those whole set with rotors im in vancouver bc canada so it might be a little bit for shipping... t
  3. Here is my add, full part out http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/van/pts/4574136411.html thanks Matt
  4. I have an air dam and Cosmo coil overs , PM me
  5. Sure do and when you by a fun new car you wearblinders
  6. Well I did it Its going to sound stupid but well i guess it is the trigger wheel wizard was not right. Just wanted to get htat out of the way I was programing it for 18 teeth away from TDC "which it was" but it would never start I finaly got a helper to help crank while i check #1 timing an it was not even showing I chose 25 teeth away and used those numbers then i could finaly see the TDC mark on the crank. I had to clean the plugs because they were black from miss firering but after i did that i got her to idle pretty smooth. Wide band is still not working so ill have to sort that before tuning I was a hair away from parting my car out but my brother poked his head in and started asking me questions. Another persons eyes sure helps thanks again for everyones help. This was a big upgrade for what im used to. I understand mechanical things very well but electronics gets me off my game a little. It all boiled down to basics " Timing Light" Ill be sure to post my set up and tune once i get it running well Matt
  7. thanks for the help up till now, i have been focusing allot on details and not on the whole picture Thanks again to everyone Matt
  8. Ill try changing the wheel decoder and go back to 30-1 and 60 I have the cas in the middle of the bracket currently How about the "output pins"? should i choose coils A B and C? my ignition switch is dieing on me so i need to jump the starter to check anything
  9. i have a timing light on the spark wires to make sure its getting sparks, and i smell fuel so it a timing thing but ive adjust everything i can imagine and still a no go i want to sell it as a whole car but without a working engine its not worth me putting it for sale i do have allot of great parts so parting out would be a better $$ maker... but i do want to run it one last time with 15psi and the new turbo i just put on
  10. it feels close but the timing is off still my missing tooth is at tooth 18.. it farts and pops but does not run, I looked at the DIY setting and hints you guys have been giving me when through the set up a few time but still will not run and now my starter is on its last legs should i be adjusting or looking for anything in any other area? ive have been playing with the trigger angle, from 60 to what i have on the pic and the result is always about the same i also had the outputs set to trigger a,b,c but that did not seam to make a difference.. anyone want to but this set up? haha Matt
  11. Well, i spent half a day trying to get all the settings right... which i tihnk i did but she still will not fire She is mighty close and kind of sputters and dies right away, also has a bit of a back fire in the exhaust sometimes when i stop cranking. I confirmed that i am 18 teeth away from TDC and used the wizard to plug in the settings Im wondering if its a coil output issue.... I am using the relay board and installed the coil drivers as per the DIY instuction... Id like to get it running but i may just part the beast out.. I know its really close and it could be one setting that im not aware of, Matt
  12. well Innovative never got back to me after 3 emails but after having the battery off for a few weeks it seams that the wideband is working again... I have not got my car running but its not flashing error 8 anymore
  13. well i swapped the wires and it seamed to be close, just sounds like the timing is off but it still does not run I think its all settings in MS now Ive only had small amounts of time to get tests in but ill look at the trigger wheel again and dive into the trigger settings again it may be time for a degree wheel, Once i get it set ill make a summery of all my settings and hook ups Silver lining is that the wideband seams to have stop having error8 Disconnecting the battery for a few weeks must have re-set it
  14. lookig even closer haha looks like my wiring is wrong Relay Board to coils wires Current Correct S3 RED S5 RED S4 BLUE S3 BLUE S5 YELLOW S4 YELLOW Looks like i messed up in my notes pairing it all together on paper Ill try it when i get home... hope she fires
  15. Im going through my notes right now, Looks like everything is wired up right Relay output MS pin out S1==============25 S2==============27 S3==============29 S4==============31 S5==============36 If everything is right here then ill have to double/triple check my missing tooth to TDC but im pretty sure thats on as well Then back to the Trigger settings
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