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  1. I took at look at the AZZcar oil pan and I noticed it only states support up through 78'. Are there steering components in the way in 79+ that keeps it from working in a ZX?
  2. What's your custom rear brake solution? I'm going to be doing a big brake upgrade for the front soon and haven't found much in the way of solutions for the rear. I don't know if AZC is still doing business--they haven't responded to my email from earlier this week.
  3. Haven't driven my car much in the past few years, more of a garage queen at the moment, but when I hydrolocked my turbo block I swapped an NA into it. I've been running it on 16 lbs of boost out of a Holset HY35 w/ a sequential MS3 setup. Haven't dynod it but based on peak fuel consumption I think it's making about 360whp. No major problems in a few thousand miles since the swap.
  4. Did you get a set? I found mine last weekend when organizing my garage.
  5. I pulled/put together my l28et w/ t5 attached a couple of years ago into my 83. Just took a lot of tilting and wiggling. It would have been a lot more difficult doing it solo without a crank leveler on my hoist.
  6. Nope, though I was just thinking about this earlier this morning. The car now has a turbo'd NA motor, the MS3 install is still working great. My turbo motor was a victim of hydrolock :| Since swapping out to the NA and getting everything running and re-tuned in late 2014 I haven't had a lot of free time to tinker with it. I think I'll be picking it back up over the winter though and getting a knock sensor working will be one of my goals.
  7. I used the 'toyota' style DIY tach adapter to get the stock ZX tach working with my MS3. There's a diagram for the wiring somewhere on the MS forums. About $5 in parts and some soldering.
  8. Yeah, he was the Dr. Jekyll to Tony D's Mr. Hyde. I learned a lot by paying attention to his posts. RIP
  9. I think this is close to what I did. The diagram I followed was for a toyota I believe (and was labeled as such) but it worked mostly fine with the stock tach (showed about 300rpm higher than what it really was at low rpm, seemed pretty accurate 2000+).
  10. I think 3d printing is huge for people wanting to maintain classic cars, as you can fabricate a lot of miscellaneous parts that may no longer be available or easily obtainable on the open market. I don't know about replicating engine components. What is the thermal tolerance of the printed piece? What is a safe thermal range for it to be in over time (IE - maybe it can withstand 1,000 degrees briefly, but can it withstand 500 degrees over a prolonged period of time without gradually breaking down?). If there is a way to make a piece that is very durable and resistant to heat (not to mention oil, gas, coolant etc.) I think a 3d printed manifold would be a great idea.
  11. The Toyota relay DIY adapter works fine with the stock 280 tach if you want to go that route.
  12. 1 dark heather XL hoodie. 1 asphalt XL short-sleeve T 46816
  13. Looking for an l28et oil pan for ~$100.00. I can pick up through most of the midwest.
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