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  1. Hey man sent you a PM on Ratsun, your inbox is full on here.

  2. 1.5 inches per side. it is very subtle. the only area you can real tell its wider is on the front where it transitions into the rocker. I like them.i think it would be cooler to use the entire subtle z kit then also use over fenders on top of that.

  3. Hello Clint,

    How are you doing?

    I was just checking out your progress, which I have not done in some time and Im curious about your flares. How many inches of flare do you get out of those? Are they comparable to the 280Y kits? Im going to have to go wide so Im searching for fender options as I do not like the lip flares.

    Thanks Clint for any info you can provid...

  4. on the discussions with other members and I on the LD28 and other diesel engines in the Z, there is a growing body of informaiton that is not well served by stringing together in a thread. we have been discussing the need to create a Diesel Z forum (or sub forum) since the hosts of hybrid Z have been unresponsive in creating a forum I request if you might create a sub forum under 6 cylinder Z's for the LD28 or better yet Diesel Z?

  5. thank's for the rb gm adaptor

  6. could you delete the dunderheaded move I made in the Nissan V6 forum?


    I thought it said L6 :icon42:

  7. hey im tryin to learn about z cars i love em and i need to know how to drop my fuel tank and reattach it after im done doing fixing and patching. can you give me an idea of how to drop the entire tank out from the car and its a registered 74 but november made 73 260z? thx -260z

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