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  1. The title to this thread is funny. It pretty much recaps just about every drag racer out there. I remeber when "all I wanted was a 10 sec slip". Now I'm doing thing to reach my goal of 7 sec slip hahha
  2. Actual road, closed, money was real, fights were real and shit talking was fierce and not scripted.
  3. Some of you disowned me for going LS and I understand to an extent.... but if you have followed my build over the years the LS version made it on street outlaws. Check it out. Full episode airs next week on discovery
  4. About the 36 min mark is our grudge race and team intro.
  5. Well I'm in the utah vs iowa. This episode will air in a while. I was only in the team intro towards the end of the episode.
  6. Well not really famous... had opportunity to race on street outlaws.
  7. Well long time and I have finally bested my PB in the Ls. 8.64@157!! Also will be on JJ arm drop fastest in america. Stay tuned ,-)
  8. Hello HybridZ gang, Just wanted to drop a few Picks of the Z and what i have been up to. last couple of years were kinda rough and the LS swap wasn't going well. had lots of issues and blew many "junkyard" motors until i figured out what my issues were. (don't ziptie plug wires together haha ) At any rate ended last year with a trip to Idaho for no prep kings and had lots of fun. ended up racing Larry Larsen in his caddy and got my ass handed to me but it was still fun. This year will have several other races to go to including another NPK race in idaho. Gonna do small tire this time ;> Hope your all making headway on your projects.... still getting inquiries about rb swapping haha. will continue to answer as much as i can but alot of new options out there then what i did with mine. Good luck all. and thanks for all the cudo's over the years.
  9. Cant seem to do it anymore??? any hints
  10. Yep that worked great for me. just remember to install correctly. I was lucky and had the ability to phase my coils. if not I would have had to pull it out and reinstall.
  11. Yes iron block, aluminum blocks are good NA but dont last as well as iron block under boost. The first motor went 40+ 800+whp passes. Would have lasted longer if i had kept rpm down... ls dosnt like 7k rpm.
  12. first one i found on ksl was a complete motor for 400, the most recent one i fou d was a shortblock for 300. Several junkyards sell them for 5-600 with complete harness.
  13. Yes $300... i put 12k into bolt ons but my long block i just installed was 300. As far as prep... i pulled the pistons and regapped factory rings to 30 thou. Installed a cam, lifters, pushrods and oil pump. Car is making over 900 to crank. I followed all advice on internet on how to make them live except rpm. Was shifting at 7k and running it out the topat 6800 and rpm is what claimed that motor.
  14. Well after a lot of hammering on the first motor it developed a knock that I thought for sure was a rod. tore the motor down and could find anything. bearings were good, checked flex plate, tore trans down and nothing. found another 300 block and prepped it. bolted all my stuff to it and it started first try ;> Took it out to the track after only 1 trip around the block and it ran a 9.28 at 148 MPH!!! damn I love this junkyard motor thing ;>
  15. Dont post much here anymore. But car is doing well. We got the boost issues worked out and to date havent broke anything. PB et so far is 9.06 @ 151. And best mph is 154. Not as fast as the Rb yet but its coming along. If you want to see video check out my unnatural Aspiration page on facebook. Cant seen to figure out how to post a link here anymore
  16. I don't have any of the stock harness and those diagrams aren't much help with my limited expeirence reading those. Would be awesome if someone could tell me which of the wires I use and where they go. Especially the 3 larger gauge wires.
  17. I have a set of toggle switches wired in now for headlights and turn signals. I want to wire those into the stock combo switch. Need to know what wires go where. 3 stand alone large gauge wires. I THINK I HAVE THESE RIGHT BUT LET ME KNOW IF THEY ARE WRONG 1. R = BATTERY POWER 2. B = GROUND 3. WR = SWITCH 12V 6 pin plug 1. RW = 2. RB = 3. GR = 4. w = 5. GB x 2 = 9 pin plug 1. GW = 2. GL = 3. LY = 4. YL = 5. L = 6. LW = 7. YB = 8. LY = 9. LR =
  18. Yea RMR. Next trip will be the AUG 5th midnights. My stall issues may have been from a wastegate with too low of a spring and it was creeping open while I was trying to get on the stall. I put a 12 lb spring and it seem to come up a lot quicker and I'm getting more RPM. So maybe now we can go back to playing with the tune to get it to stall quicker.
  19. Got it to the track. Had some glitches mainly converter wont get on boost with trans brake. Gonna get it restalled. Best pass was a 11.1 at 129. which with the weight of the car comes in right about 470whp. was only running 7-8 PSI. cant weight to double that Boost number. specially since the 480 is still pretty much a sleep at 9 psi.
  20. Whats heads you running? hoping for the same numbers from a stock truck motor with a cam, springs, and BW s480. I have the 892 heads.
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