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  1. DaleMX

    First Post

    Well I'm close with an Infinity G35. I chose it over the Z because it had back seats and a trunk. None the less the stock automatic drivetrain proves to be quite powerfull. I am now wondering what the weight of a 6 speed 350Z drivetrain is. It really would be a nice swap for a 280Z. Maybe a little tamer than the LS1/T56 I'm sporting now.
  2. DaleMX

    We got a G35 tonight

    Drove it all weekend. The ride is much smoother than I expected and the engine response is immediate and has enough torque to keep it from downshifting everytime you touch the gas. The HID pattern is beautiful. And the 8 way adjustable seat would be great for Z if you could fit it in there. The only real concern I have right now is that the electric windows will wear out or stop working over time since they go down and up again to seal every time you open and shut the doors.
  3. DaleMX

    We got a G35 tonight

    It's a 2006, red, black leather interior, moon roof, bose stereo, 4933 miles! Brand new condition. 29,400. I think we got a good deal.
  4. DaleMX

    Door Spring is missing

    Mine was popping for a while then suddenly "Wham!" the spring went flying. The door opens and closes smoothly now (HA!). In fact the resistance is so low that it feels like a Lexus door. Too bad it wont stay open on it's own any more.
  5. DaleMX

    LS1 exhaust?

    Mine dump under the car and it is quite loud. But I must admit that there is no sound nearly as sweet as a modified LS1 lope dumping under your seat. I've put close to 7000 miles on mine and I love every second of it.
  6. You have to calibrate the speeddo before it will work. See the Autometer website for details. Mine didnt work until I did that. Some of the docs you find online have the wrong wires listed for the tach and speedo. Make sure you have the right year info. On the speedo I also ended up using a 10k pullup resistor to keep it from jumping around.
  7. I used the low speed wiring to the high speed side of the taurus fan through a 75 amp relay. On the feed side I hooked a # 3 cable up straight to the alternator, and on the supply side I ran a 60 amp fuse. Do a search on "Taurus" and you'll find what you need.
  8. DaleMX

    Petite Le Mans?

    Got there at 3:00 on Sat. Race was cool, looking for the Panoz group to go for it but they went 3rd.
  9. DaleMX

    Stopped smoking....

    Best move I ever made. I quit in 97 and never looked back. Just do it for yourself. When I first quit I did everything I could to keep busy like vacuum the celing, sweep the roof, clean the gutters, paint everything in sight, fixed the fence. I was so busy that I was tired and got tons of extra sleep. Now I dont even think about it. I can have a glass of wine with my girlfriend and she can smoke and I dont care. Now the girlfriend is one of those that can smoke 1 to 10 a day then not smoke anymore for a week. Go figure. I was either going 2 packs a day or nothing.
  10. Mine's been on the road for a 1 year and 1 month. I've put 6500 miles on it. The alternator malfunctioned last week and that's the only real problem I've had with the drivetrain.
  11. http://ashevillediecast.com/cart.php?target=product&action=view&product_id=19148&substring=datsun http://www.gtscalemodelcars.com/search.asp?show=keyword&searchword=Datsun www.diecastcars.tvinfo@diecastcars.tv Tel. 866-314-6523 FL www.everstoystore.cominfo@everstoystore.com Tel. 800-962-9481 IA www.mikes-racing-and-diecast.com Tel. 606-436-4714 KY www.diecastmuscle.commtr@diecastmuscle.com Tel. 269-983-6621 MI www.3000toys.comtoys@3000toys.com Fax 417-659-9446 MO www.ashevillediecast.com Tel. 888-343-4685 NC www.ewacars.com Tel. 800-392 4454 NJ www.dualconnection.comask@dualconnection.com Tel. 724-898-9700 PA www.gtscalemodelcars.comgthandbuilt@netscape.net Tel. 800-630-0604 PA www.replicarz.comsales@replicarz.com Tel. 802-747-7151 VT www.scale18.comsales@scale8.com Tel 604-469-9718 WA
  12. Went and looked at the Infinity website. The G35 sedan looks like a good choice for me. I'll check out carmax for a used one first but I would rather deal on a 2006 next month. Thanks everyone for all the info!
  13. I'm looking at the 2007 Camry SE V6, an Avalon, or a Maxima. The Camry is on the top of my list. The V6 in the Camry and the Avalon is 268 HP. The transmission in the Camry is a 6 speed auto and the Avalon is a 5 speed auto. The Maxima is a 255 horse unit with a 5 speed auto but costs around 3000 more. Leather interior is a must (Got dogs). So is Bluetooth hands free. I need to car to haul Mom, Dad, and my girlfriend around in. Any sugestions or recomendations are welcome.
  14. DaleMX

    Laptops ?

    I'm using EFI Live and an older Compaq Presario 2100 P3 900 mhz machine with no problems. Some of the older programs like LS1 edit required a true 9 pin serial port, but with the updated version of EFI live you just need the USB connection. If your intrested in seeing the program your more than welcome to come and see it. PM me and I'll give you my phone #.
  15. DaleMX

    R200 Removal Tools?

    And a good floor jack.