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  1. You don't happen to have the part # for the condenser? It looks like the ports are on the same side, Thats what Im looking for. Thanks!
  2. Thanks to HybridZ members here I've been able to source the pieces I needed, all trim is repaired and polished, Thanks All!
  3. Still in search of windshield corner trim pieces. Thanks Steve
  4. Looking for the 3 small stainless trim pieces for the s30 windshield, 2 corners and small center cover piece.
  5. Axles built just need small bands to complete.
  6. Looks like the small straps are too small, can't engage teeth when boot is installed on the axle shaft. Not really impressed with the straps.
  7. Wow, already installed egzlilgituarboy9 , nice, apparently you had no problems with the axles. I just got mine from UPS, and unpacked and took a couple pictures. What was in package. long length Short length Old VS new spline
  8. I may be on board with this but want to verify it is what I need. I have a stock R200 and stock suspension ( other than coil-overs) , and the Modern Motorsports Flange Adapters. I have verified that swapping the pass side diff stub onto a drivers side shaft fits the passenger side correctly. Here are pics of what I have,
  9. Mine is also still a work in progress, and Orange.
  10. Nope the ZX rack is behind the cross member, it would steer backwards.
  11. Whoops Screwed up the links, fixed them should work now. Yea I stripped it to bare metal sanded the exterior body panels manually everything else I blasted with coal slag, then epoxy primed and did all the body work myself ( replaced the rear and drivers aft quarter, and replaced the front end rebuilding the frame rails and adding sub-frame connectors.) I haven't painted a car before and didn't want to mess it up at this point so I let a pro Spray it. I'm using a 2001 camaro fuel tank because I am installing a 95 LT1/T56 ,I like the idea its a stock pump in the tank. fits ok , but had to remove the spare tire well. The link below , has alot of pictures from the start to now.
  12. I haven't posted my build, but I hit a mile stone and just got it back from paint so I thought it would be a good time to post. I purchased the car in 2002 and have been working on it on and off since then. I'll post pics as I rebuild , and some of what I have done up to this point. & wanted to thank everyone at Hybrid Z for the invaluable info that helped me to get this far.
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