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  1. My car is a 78, so it originally came equipped with cats. I've had a couple inspections where they have said, "you know technically you are supposed to have catalytic converters" but that was about it. Only a visual inspection, definitely no emission testing. For a 72 you are definitely free and clear. All they do is make sure the lights, horn, turn signals, parking brake, and brakes work.
  2. Condolences to his friends and family. I never met John and don't know that I ever even had a direct conversation with him even over the internet, but I felt like I knew him just by reading his wealth of knowledge on here for the past 13 years I've been a member. His presence will be greatly missed. The z car community and the world has lost a great person indeed.
  3. I've been stock piling more parts than I have been installing them. Parts waiting to be installed: Corbeau FX1 pro 5 point harness Speedhut Oil pressure guage Speedhut Water temp gauge New exhaust pipe to get the exhaust tucked a little higher. Parts actually installed: 240z Front bumper Soooo here is a pic with the new bumper installed...
  4. Front isolators for the 240z and 280z are the same.
  5. I realize now that I should have said "new to me" instead of "new" fenders. I picked them up used off craigslist, they just happened to be a similar silver.
  6. Quite the contrary, where do you think we source our engines from
  7. Finished out the Camber plate install. Bought a a pair of new-to-me fenders off craigslist and headlight extensions from a member. Looking at paint options now. 255/40/17 Toyo R888 put on the back
  8. Can you drop the engine in by going sideways over the fender instead of from the front. This is how I have pulled my LS1 and installed a couple times, but without the trans attached. Have to remove wheel and carefully place some jack stands so they wont interfere with the crane though.
  9. Still no track time on the car since the install. Probably have a few thousand miles of street driving now and it has all worked flawlessly. Great kit!
  10. Looking for the exterior scoops/fender extension. Email sent to zedsn.
  11. Looking for metal headlight buckets. Need both drivers and passenger side.
  12. Installed one of the T3 Camber Plates. I made rough cutouts with a drill and hole saw bit. Then followed up with a mini hacksaw and then finally a lot of filing. During cuttting. Mostly completed. Need to do a little more cleaning up and then throw some paint on it.
  13. The reason for the specific years is because camaros and transams from 93-97 with the LT1 also came with a t56. The LT1 style T56 will not work on a LS1 with out modifying it. I don't know all the detailed differences, but know the input shaft is different. Yes, the main reason for the LS1 T56 out of a 98-2002 F-body is because it positions the shifter in the correct spot. The t56 came in everything from vipers to mustangs to aston martins, but the one you want is out of a 98-2002 f-body because no modification need to be made to the trans and because the shifter position is correct for a S30 z car.
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