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  1. im sure you all had your own ways of doing your Z, but I really have no problem outsourcing what I cannot do. Sure it might be more expensive, but if I want something done the right way I might have to dig a little deeper in my pocket
  2. yea i have all three. i think really deciding what my goals are happen to be most important. recently ive been leaning to an autoX machine. well see however
  3. Yea i have plenty of garage space, pops has a 3 car garage and we have plenty of tools. I live in Central Jersey BTW Hunterdon county
  4. Yeah I understand that, but I feel like I want it to be my baby if you know what I mean. Im sure someone here has started with little knowledge of how to do things, but I'm just afraid Im gonna fudge myself up real good.
  5. Now that I have a job and I'm out of college I feel like I want to spend some money on myself. I really want to do an LS1 conversion and I've done the research, but I have very little mechanical skills and the likes. Sometimes I think its not even all that wise to embark on such a journey, that is potentially a money pit, and it will never get finished. I'm sure there are many people in Jersey that would help, but alas I dont know anyone. Someone reassure me, send me in the right direction regarding paying someone else to do the swap, or tell me to get stuffed, all advice would be appreciated. Thanks fellas.
  6. how much money does one save painting their own car approximately as opposed to bringing it already prepped to the paint shop?
  7. im not sure i would feel comfortable buying a car i have never seen in person no matter the price
  8. I cant weld or anything like that so, it would obviously cost more to have it done by someone else, but it would be done right. there is a nice Z for sale here in Jersey but he wants 5500 for a car that doesnt even have stock transmission and rear end, so I dont think I want to pay that much for it
  9. finding a decent 240z in Jersey surely isnt easy
  10. Hey guys, I was just searching the board looking for answer to my question and stumbled upon this thread. Would you guys agree that it is easier in the long run to find a nicer Z with minimal rust for 3 or 4 grand as opposed to a complete rusted out junker for $1000? I am about to start looking for a Z and was just curious as to your opinions.
  11. i am thinking about doing the SR20 swap. does this kit require the mounts to be welded into place or is it a bolt in swap like the JCI install?
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