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  1. was wondering if you have ever had a q45 diff slip on you, or are you running a shimmed diff?
  2. my 302 is running just fine, although i had to add an aftermarket electric booster in order to maintain 22psi constant on the brakes, brakes fine now, i found that my manifold vacuum was not enough to provide the booster, this is all based on what cam is in the motor?????choppy cam equals low vacuum to the booster...........also had the same problem with my intake mani,,seating to the heads good and tight b-cause the heads had been shaved just a bit..... lots of goop and shes good and tight runs like a charm, hauls azzzzzzz!
  3. I thought about welding in the crossmember, but the setback to that is what if the tranny all of a sudden has a problem and you just want to pull the tranny, not the whole motor out.. food for thought,,,what I did instead was mount to the floorboard plus added on extension to tie it to the frame rails also,...............
  4. Thanks Mike, you answer has just opened up a new world for me. I'm running Datsun alternator upgrade 60amp. Since you seem to be knowledgeable in this area, can anyone tell me about the two wires that used to go to the Dat. distributor, one is green and the other is black. I know one is the tach, because datsuns tach read from the dist. Anybody can answer this question and I'm pretty much on the road????????? Will upload pics soon
  5. anybody out there can help with wiring the stock harness in a 72 240 to a carbed 302 with MSD, did you use the stock voltage regulator, any info helpful. I have my 302 installed and trying to figure out how to wire my MSD box. 302 bored .040 over eldebrock performer holley ultra street avenger 670cfm patriot shorty headers clears steering rod c4 AT with b&m shift kit 3000 stall b&m converter R200 vicious LSD 69 heads ported and polished just to name a few goodies
  6. when installing the 302 in your 72' did you still use the stock voltage regulator?
  7. Anyone out there thinking like me, do we really think the floorboards of a 240 are strong to handle the torque that a well tuned and built 302 will produce at the tranny?
  8. Can anyone tell me if they have had axles machined when they converted to a vlsd r200, what was the lengths were, i know one side is long than the other, does anyones know where to purchase the axles already to length? Please help someone????

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