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  1. Automatic because it was free. I'd really like to do a 5 speed... muncie 4? I don't know. I want manual. I'll probably end up trading.
  2. I love what you've done with this car! Very nice build. Say, what seats do you have in this thing?
  3. To answer the motor question: 388cid stroker turbo. But, I'm not putting that motor into this one. At least, That's not my plan. What I planned on doing is taking the parts from this shell that I need for my V8 build, that I'm putting into my 280Z (that is already half way set up for the V8 swap) and selling it. Basically all I wanted out of this car was the aluminum radiator, turbo 350 tranny, aluminum roller rockers, camel hump heads, and probably some other things here and there. The rest is useless to me really. He didn't do any suspention work (that I noticed so far). The car was actually put together fairly poorly with this V8 swap if I say so myself.
  4. Agree. My plans are not to make this one run again, but to help fund my progress of my other project. Get the parts I want, and sell the rest.
  5. I will probably be getting what I want out of this one (mostly engine parts) and selling the rest of it.
  6. Hey guys! I bought another Z. My buddy owned it before me, called me one night and said "My cars jacked up!". Asked where he was, when we got there he was stopped in the middle of the road with a HUGE oil trail behind him. Once I told him he blew it we got it towed to his house, pulled the motor and he ended up tearing apart almost all the rods, snapped the cam in two places and put a nice indention on the side of the block. He parked it on the side of his house for a year. He told me he was selling it. I offered him a small wad of cash and he took the bate! It's ugly, but it came with a TON of parts and has ALOT of the stuff I need for my new V8 build! Check it out:
  7. I've always been a fan of the TE37's. Too expensive for me though. I'll stick to my sportmax wheels
  8. I'll buy some whenever they're ready!
  9. What's the "Warn status" ??

  10. Right on dude. I'll let you know asap. I'm new to the paypal nonsense. I really like those stickers though.
  11. Those are pretty sweet man! I wouldn't mind sticking a few of those on my Z's.
  12. No money, but I have PLENTY of time. I'll probably not do this. It was just a thought and the more I learn it's either going to cost me a ♥♥♥♥ load of money, or it's just going to ruin something and wish I had never done it.
  13. I didn't even read that. It hurt my eyes
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