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  1. Mr.510

    Rare VG30 Race Parts (Pics)

    They only do Harley stuff now. No exceptions. I found out something else about that one-off intake: it was built for one of the Baja 1000 trucks.
  2. Mr.510

    looking for vq35de or vg30de/tt for sale

    I have a VG30DE pulled from a '91 automatic Z32 with 2018 miles on it. The car was destroyed and the engine removed in 1991. It's been stored in a heated shop for 19 years! I believe I have the complete harness and ECU for it as it was supposed to get swapped into a 510... but it's been so many years that I'm not sure I can find the other bits. It's going to need head gaskets and a timing belt since it's been sitting so long. Anybody got a guess what this thing is worth? I've never really considered selling it but I can't see myself getting around to using it either. I see used import engines on eBay for around a grand.
  3. Mr.510

    Rare VG30 Race Parts (Pics)

    Gerolamy made this one for Nismo. Perhaps the 'mystery' cast IDF manifold was made by TBO. I don't think Frank or Sly remembered where it came from. I think it will be coming to the NW in July. I'll shoot pics when/if I see it.
  4. Mr.510

    Rare VG30 Race Parts (Pics)

    I know what I want for Christmas!
  5. Mr.510

    Rare VG30 Race Parts (Pics)

    Here are some better pics of the triple Weber VG intake: We found out some more information about this intake: It was built by Barrie Gerolamy of BC Gerolamy. He cut down a stock plenum lower and welded on horns from three air cooled VW intakes. The ports are very smooth, the reddish purple color you see is port putty. I'm told there is also a one-piece cast intake at the motor builders' but it is *much* taller and therefore not very useful except in a mid engine race car. Here are a few pics of the custom oil pan I built for Ken's VG-powered GT2 240SX: Note that I had to skive off the front lower corner for steering rack clearance. That really sucked! This pan has the same diamond trap with hinged trap doors that I use in my production oil pans. It's also only 6-1/4" deep so the bottom is approximately level with the bottom of the ring gear - the lowest point in the car.
  6. I've never seen those particular OBX manifolds in person but I have seen some of their headers. They looked like a 3rd grader welded them using a MIG with no shielding gas. They might actually be stick welded. I hadn't thought of that possibility and that would explain the look of the welds. They are made in China...
  7. Mr.510

    Rare VG30 Race Parts (Pics)

    Ken's shop is an hour drive from mine and I don't get out that way very often. I should have the oil pan for his car done and will need to take it up there in the next week. Should be able to shoot some intake pics at that time. I'll post them here as soon as I do...
  8. I have been building VG conversion kits for Datsun 510s for more than ten years. These kits include a baffled, hammerhead-sytle oil pan and I have built 96 of them to date. As soon as some Z31 guys saw them I started to get requests to produce a competition oil pan for their cars since (to my knowledge) nobody has ever offered one and VGs are particularly sensitive to oil starvation. Back around June or July '09 a customer contacted me and basically begged me to build him one, even if it was an expensive one-off. I decided to go ahead and produce a prototype for him at the projected production cost of $400. It came together with no major problems, though the fit between my fabricated sump and the existing oil pan was not ideal. That has been fixed with pattern and fixture changes. These are now in production and available. Here are some pics: (They are of the 1st prototype, I need to shoot a production part as they are nicer.) Sump: The last pic is the sump tacked together. I included it as it's much easier to see how the diamond trap works. The hinged doors swing freely and are closed by moving oil. There are stops welded on these doors so they cannot open far enough to hang up on each other or the pickup tube's bulb. They also prevent the doors from ending up above the pickup bulb should the oil pan be installed while the engine is upside-down on an engine stand. My oil pans for VG510s use an identical trap and have been used successfully for drag, auto-X, hill climb, rally, road race, and of course street use. No one has ever reported an oiling problem or leak so this is a well-proven design. My oil sumps are laser cut and CNC formed for perfect fit. They are fully TIG welded so there is no chance of internal spatter. 1/16" sheet stock is used throughout so cracking in street or rally use is not an issue. All of my oil pans are powder coated in an abrasive-free environment so there is no chance of sand or grit getting lodged inside. Capacity: This oil pan adds exactly two quarts of capacity over stock. Fitment: The pan fits in the stock space and the bottom is at the same height as the original sump. Note the notch in the LF corner of the sump, it clears the hard line on the power steering rack. Turbo Drains: The stock turbo drain is normally retained if so equipped but I can replace or relocate it as required on built-to-order oil pans. Several 510 and 240Z guys (using my VG510 pan) have wanted a 1/2" NPT drain on the right side for their re-located turbos. Pickup: The stock oil pickup tube is retained. For anyone that wants to run a VG33 oil pump I offer a modified new Nissan pickup tube for $100. (It's actually built from two new Z31 pickup tubes, thus the expense.) A dent has to be added in the factory windage plate for clearance of this special tube. This modification is included with the tube if you buy an oil pan at the same time. I do offer the modified tube separately for those wanting to run a VG33 oil pump with a stock Z31 oil pan. Something worthy of note while we're on the subject of pickup tubes: The original VG30 oil pickup tubes used an O-ring where they sealed to the oil pump. These O-rings are prone to cracking and leakage. A leak here causes catastrophic engine failure! You should never run an O-ring sealed pickup tube on a VG engine! Nissan superceded the pickup tubes to a flat-gasket type with matching gasket. There is a Service File on it. Temp Sender Port: The oil pan shown does not have a temp sender port at all as the customer did not want one. I can use either the stock one or the standard aftermarket version. I've been on the fence about which to make 'standard' when I build parts for stock. I will probably go with the stock Nissan port as you can adapt it to use an aftermarket sender but you can't go the other way around as far as I know. Core: I require that a suitable core arrive prior to my shipping a completed oil pan. Early on (with VG510 pans) I charged a $100 core and quickly ran all of the local wrecking yards out of oil pans when people didn't send me their cores! This is why I require arrival of a usable core prior to shipment of an in-stock oil pan. Dents in the lower portion of the sump are fine as it gets cut off anyway. Dents in the forward lower edge or anywhere else are not acceptable. There is no way to remove them and who wants to buy a dented oil pan?! Price: $400 plus actual UPS shipping cost. Availability: In stock and/or built to order if you want something custom like extra turbo drain ports, temp ports, etc.
  9. Mr.510

    vg30et road racing

    My last post can be disregarded. It's been tested in a Z31T and it fits with no issues!
  10. Mr.510

    Rare VG30 Race Parts (Pics)

    We haven't heard it yet but I'll bet it's awesome! That's a one-off hand built intake that Nissan Motorsports had laying around. Don't know what it was used for but it's clearly been used.
  11. Mr.510

    Rare VG30 Race Parts (Pics)

    Sure, no problem. I've got a couple of them stashed away plus the one in my VG510 Wagon. It would probably be much easier to just modify an L series distributor to fit into the VG head. That's what I was going to do for Ken before he found the distributor in those pics. A six cylinder Chevy distributor would probably be an even better choice as you can get a wide array of parts for them. Of course with anything but a VG distributor you'd lose the supercool flat cap and spark plug wire perfection that we all know and
  12. Mr.510

    Rare VG30 Race Parts (Pics)

    Holinger! I never thought of that possibility. I'll pass that along to Ken. He has to re-gear it for it to be useful. The intake is... interesting. It's a piece that Nissan Motorsports had but I don't know what they built it for and/or used it on. I'll try to get a pic of the portion below the plate. It appears to have been made out of a Z31 lower. It's been sliced, diced, and TIG welded like mad. There might be more weld than base material but it's pretty where it matters... on the inside. Yes. That's the distributor a lot of us run with the carbureted VG30s in our old school 510s. Sadly it is now NLA. Nissan Motorsports called it a 'Euro Distributor' in their catalog but the original application was actually Saudi Arabian pickup trucks. They also sold the Saudi intake but it's really weird. The factory carbureted VGs used a down draft two barrel but the throttle shaft was parallel to the crank with one throttle plate in front of the other. I modify the TBI intake to accept a Holley 350 or 500cfm two barrel. They work surprisingly well. A carbureted VG in a 510 is significantly quicker than a stock Z31 or S12 injected version with all else being equal. The circle track racing series Pro-6 adopted my intake as a replacement for the Saudi one about two weeks ago. They've been running the Saudi intake with a Holley 500 turned sideways for years but it creates all sorts of problems. They used to run the Saudi distributor but they don't really need mechanical or vacuum advance. Now they run an MSD pickup in a Z31 distributor as it's much cheaper. Here's an early version of my intake: I bolt the billet adapter on now as there is too much crap in these castings for reliable welding. Hey, where'd my avatar go??? Nevermind, I fixed it!
  13. I thought some of my fellow VG freaks might like to see these pics. I took them at my friend Ken's shop, Ultramotive. He is almost done building a VG30-powered, 240SX bodied road race car for himself. It's got some crazy IMSA body with huge flares and air vents over the front tires. It looks like it's eight feet wide! I'll try to get some pics with the bodywork on next time I'm out there. These first pics are of a transmission that came to the USA with the factory Nissan rally team back in the '80s. It is in a modified VG case. It has never been run, probably because it currently has a 4:1 first gear! It appears to use 3.010 shaft-center Hewland gears but they are much wider than the ones typically seen in Formula Atlantics and such. This is a custom-built dog ring gearbox with all quick-change, straight cut gears and direct drive 5th. Word is this was a $15k transmission when built in the mid-'80s. The guts: Modified bell housing, note the input shaft & gear stay in there when you take it apart: Modified tail housing: I think everyone should like this pic, triple Webers on a VG30! This last one is just the front of the car without the bodywork. The motor currently in the chassis is a junker for fitment only: I'm going to build a one-off wet sump oil pan for the car. It will be tested and the chassis sorted with a stock VG30E long block. If the telemetry shows no oiling issues that pan will go on the 'real' motor. If there are any oiling issues the race motor will get a dry sump. He wants to keep it wet sump if possible to reduce parasitic losses. You don't even want to ask who's building the race motor! (I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to say?)
  14. Mr.510

    vg30et road racing

    Do any of you that are keeping an eye on this thread have a Z31T that needs/wants a competition oil pan? The first prototype that I built (shown in a post above) has not been installed by the customer yet. I really want to know *for sure* that these oil pans fit without any issues in a turbo Z31. I went ahead and finished the second one and it's identical to the first except I built it on a turbo core so it's got the oil return fitting for the turbo drain. It goes out for powder coat tomorrow. I would be willing to hook somebody up some kind of 'deal' if they were able to immediately install this oil pan and take a few pics for me. I can't believe that I don't know anyone in the Seattle area with a VG30ET Z31!
  15. Mr.510

    VG30DE/TT crank into a VG33?

    Because I need the DE's forged crank. Sly says I'll break 'E' cranks with what I'm doing and he knows more about VG34s than I probably ever will...