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  1. You can get maps for free from AAA. Oh wait.... Did you see the map-sharing thread that's stickied in the Megasquirt forum?
  2. Man, just saw it was MS1. Sorry bro. Had you thought about just getting an in-radiator thermo switch?
  3. I must say I like the way it looks. Hopefully you are using a relatively large gauge for your power/switch/ground wires. I would imagine 12 ga would be more than sufficient.
  4. Yes, and I'm not sure what the power-on and trigger values are.
  5. FIdle WILL power your relay. I believe it's one of the few (if not the only) port that doesn't require a transistor to directly control a relay. And yes, it's pin 30.
  6. Those break all the time. Your specs seem correct. What I do is just take one with me to the hardware store. They usually have the thread checkers and comparing lengths is as easy as it gets.
  7. Sorry for the lack of update. I have yet to get the motor in the car (going to put it in this weekend hopefully so I can start mocking stuff up and get the IC piping and exhaust fabbed up, as well as get the placing of everything in the engine bay figured out). As for the lines, I was thinking something exactly as Bob is describing; since it's on the "cold" side of the engine I should have ample space to run the lines without interference.
  8. I personally would use a body filler (this is actually what it's intended for) then use a high build primer. Sanding in between, of course.
  9. "Stock" is a loaded word. Is it a Nissan part? Exedy? It's very difficult to determine how much a used clutch will hold, but the brand of the clutch disk and pressure plate will probably have some bearing on how grippy it will be.
  10. Cam - hit me up. I have a complete 280ZX intake (sans fuel rail and cold start injector) I'll get you for cheap. Text me (David has my number).
  11. I sold mine for $300 locally. They had Cooper tires with 85% tread. Mine were Shelby GT branded.
  12. From what I have heard and from other's experience, 300 is the spring rate threshold. You should be good.
  13. I'm very close to dropping the motor in, so soon I will be able to take measurements and test fit in the engine bay. I've got the battery tray 90% out; decided to cut and grind vs drill out spot welds because I don't have a 90* drill attachment. Took a couple measurements and it looks like it will baaarely fit in the battery location. Will post results.
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