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  1. CamH

    2013 CV Shaft Conversion Options

    I didn't realize this site even existed. You're awesome. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, It's 2013, and most of the information on the site concerning CV conversions is no longer useful due to lack of parts. The two manufacturers of CV adapters that I'm ware of, both Modern Motorsports and M2 Differentials, are no longer in business. I was looking forward to throwing on my set of 280ZX Turbo CV shafts in the coming weeks, but it appears that 280ZX Turbo shafts may no longer be an option, unless there are other companies building adapters. It seems to me that we now have three options for CV shafts on our S30 Z cars: Custom CV shafts like these: http://www.driveshaftshop.com/datsun-510-240z-c-v-conversion-kit-with-108mm-flanges http://www.wolfcreekracing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=72&Itemid=61 OR Custom 280ZX Turbo CV adapter such as: http://www.pape.ws/allan_and_rosanne/Z-Car_Stuff/Modifications/CV%20Halfshaft%20(280ZX%20Turbo)%20Conversion%20for%20late%20260Z-280Z.htm OR crazy Z32 R200/R230 VLSD conversion (seems way over the top for my car): https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/280z/complete-r200-r230-rear-end-conversion-z-car Does anyone else have any thoughts on this issue?
  3. Modern Motorsports doesn't want to do business anymore, so I was wondering if anyone has a set of 280ZX Turbo CV adapters for my 240Z.
  4. CamH

    WTB 280Z Stub Axles

    Payment sent! Thanks
  5. CamH

    WTB 280Z Stub Axles

    Sounds excellent should I send the paypal to that address?
  6. CamH

    WTB 280Z Stub Axles

    Yes the 27 spline ones are what I'm looking for. I'm doing a 280ZXT CV shaft conversion. But you only have one? I'm trying to get a set
  7. CamH

    WTB 280Z Stub Axles

    No, sorry, I am looking for the stub axle, like this:
  8. CamH

    WTB 280Z Stub Axles

    As seen in thread title, I'm looking to buy a set of OEM 280Z stub axles. Let me know what you've got and we'll make a deal!
  9. CamH

    Holset HX35W

    Turbo still for sale! Final bump. PM me if you're interested.
  10. CamH

    Holset HX35W

    Bump! The turbocharger is still for sale
  11. CamH

    Holset HX35W

    No interest in this at $400 shipped?
  12. CamH

    Holset HX35W

    Excellent size for L28ETs, VG30s, etc and will lay down some POWER
  13. CamH

    Holset HX35W

    I am selling a used 7 fin Holset HX35W (same compressor as an HY35) with approximately 50,000 miles off of a 2002 Cummins Dodge Ram that I got from a local turbocharger rebuilder. It is in excellent condition, and has no shaft play. It includes the Holset oil inlet fitting (rare), oil drain tube with brand new gasket, and Holset elbow. imgur album of photos: Album Here is the turbocharger next to a factory L28ET turbocharger: Here is another shot of the turbocharger next to the factory L28ET turbocharger: Here is a closer shot of the turbocharger. You can clearly see the nice oil drain tube. Here's a shot of the turbocharger from the other side. As you can see, it has the Holset oil inlet fitting installed: Here is a good shot of the fins on the turbocharger which you can clearly see are in excellent condition: Here's the compressor map if you're interested: I am asking $400. PM me offers
  14. CamH

    Will a eclipse turbocharger fit the l28et

    The mitsubishi turbocharger should be flanged improperly for use on a normal L28ET manifold.
  15. CamH

    Innovate LC-1 Giving Me Headaches

    I've heard about some electrical noise issues when grounding your MS and LC1 in the same spot. I was having issues with my LC1 resetting and then never coming back (simply flashing its lowest value forever), and I regrounded separately from the MegaSquirt, and don't seem to be having the issue anymore, but I've only got maybe an hour of driving on it since moving the ground.