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  1. Could you please tell me exactly which version of the M104 head you used please was it the 2.8 L M104.94x or the 3.2 L M104.99x
  2. Quite a few other kiwis on here, you'd likely be surprised at just HOW many :D

  3. To get a big bore stroker they usually bore the cylinder out somewhat, so to get a 3.0L you bore out to 0.60=1.5mm (2995cc) or upto 0.120=3mm for a 3.1L(3098cc):mrgreen:hope that helps Well that's what my L engine calculator tells me anyhow.
  4. Hi there Nick, Bryan Here, Well my r30 looks alot like yours,hahaha, well it's red and black anyhow and is along way from anywhere at the moment but at least I got another 1 and thats got to be a good thing. Am still tearing it down to repair and rebuild it,it's in a very sad state at the minute lots of rust to fix and the stock motor aint a runner in any stretch of the imagination, so hence the L32et going into it:flamedevi:burnout:
  5. I was 1 of the founding 4 members of Skylinesdownunder & I have had several HR30 Skylines and all of mine have had the L20et or just the L20e except for a 5 door hatch that I aquired which had a LD28 in it, The DR30's came out with the FJ20DE and FJ20DET depending on the year and as metioned above the R31 came out with the RB20E an RB30E Mill in them. In saying that I have also owned 2 Z cars also and the 280ZX I Had had the same twin choke throttlebody on it's intake but it wasn't a NAPS manifold as you have pictured above, and the fairlady had the same as the Skyline on it's L2
  6. OK, Thanks for the history lesson Alan, It would seem that I have been misinformed in the past, I was only going on the limited knowledge I had and I got that from a Nissan Skyline website here in NZ
  7. Hi there Newby here, So does anybody know anyone who has done this conversion and exactly what is involved in achieving it?
  8. Hi, am hoping you might be able to help me, am looking at a Merc twin cam head that was manufactured by Mercedes-Benz to fit their 6 cylinder engine that was designed by the Prince Motor Company for Mercedes back in the late fifties(Nissan L series 6 cylinder engines) I think it was used in the sixties and seventies in the 280SL's and is compatable with the Nissan L series 6 cylinder engines, Has anyone else looked into this variation on a theme. Can anyone shead a bit of light on this for me.
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