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  1. A antique VG30E (non turbo) has the same hp/liter as a LS1...and the euro spec VG30E (non turbo) has more hp/liter. Hows that make you feel?
  2. Everything about making power is cheaper and more reliable with the VG...the L just has the nostalgia to it - and a mean sound. 300hp on a turbo SOHC VG is literally just a front mount, exhaust and boost controller. haha Then on top of that, its a good bit lighter and can be mounted entirely behind the axle for improved weight balance....plus cheap and easy 3.3L options......better heads, stronger internals etc.
  3. The front works fine. The springs fit in the rear fine, but the 280Z had taller strut towers and thus longer springs and different strut caps...so they'll "work" but not sit properly.
  4. Sounds like he had a MAF wiring issue, MAF issue, or bad CHTS. Some pics from the swap on ours. I need to clean up wiring from the PO's GM ignition module swap next. With my experience in wiring up engine swaps and other stuff, it took less than 4 hours to complete. I found myself relying more on FSM wiring diagrams than the writeup though. Some of the wire colors in the writeup (almost all) didn't match our car for some reason. I also ended up just swapping all 3 of the ECU pigtails because I prefer the Z31 style connectors - they're a much better design that holds the pin better. haha
  5. You can buy Z31 coilovers from Stance (Touge Factory) and Powertrix (HSD) now. No need for any of this anymore
  6. I need a KNOWN GOOD 280ZX turbo Air Flow Meter. Let me know what you have?
  7. I explained to my buddy Raff (Careless) how to do an upgraded PTU from a Pathfinder ages ago...he then did a writeup. Its a awesome upgrade that improves spark greatly...myself and many others since we told people about it have noticed huge improvements in driveability. Its NOT plug and play though, but almost. http://z31performance.com/showthread.php?18665-Upgrade-to-PRW-2-Ign-Control-Module-(Power-Transistor-Unit)
  8. Stock T3 @ 10psi, stock 260cc injectors, stock fuel pressure. VG33, 8.9:1 CR. Mustang dyno!! (generally reads lower than dynojet!) 260whp, 368wtq.
  9. Front coilovers finally ready to go in! Working on Zee Car:
  10. Nope. Its just sitting. Its my brothers project, I hate those crapbox engines. It'll split down the valley with way less power than a VG block.
  11. There are flanges for exhaust manifolds for SOHC...the DOHC (Z32) is oval port, SOHC is round port. This is simple information that is easily found...flanges wont work because of this.
  12. It also does not have turbos....just saying. lol
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