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  1. Sad to hear... RIP sir. Always provided great service and honesty.
  2. Wow your project is really turning out to look stunning! Great to see a local Z revived!
  3. Hi Hybrid - I'm looking to purchase a 70's period Racemark Steering Wheel. Steering wheel must be in good condition with a good handle. Patina is OK, but no thrashed leather please. If you have the hub it is a big plus as well. A diameter of 350~360 MM is ideal. No wood please. Will pay a fair market price $200~$300 depending on condition. Thank you.
  4. Still searching for a set of vented FIA or Hurst Airheart or Lockheed brake calipers.
  5. You are correct tamo. There were two versions, vented and non-vented. Looking for vented. It looks like one of the Yahoo listings is repro, and both are non-vented? Thanks for the links!
  6. Still looking - FIA MK63 four piston vented fronts, Hurst-Airheart, or Lockheed all work! Just need fronts, but will purchase full sets.
  7. Hi Tamo - this will be for my racecar, not my Z with Watanabes. Thanks for the note though, hope your car progress is going well!
  8. Thanks John - I believe I located a set of Hurst Airheart brake calipers that are correct for the car. I will reach out to you if that falls through. Thanks for reaching out.
  9. Hi - As the title says, I am looking for a set of front / rear FIA or Hurst Airheart calipers that were available from Datsun Competition in 70's. Offer will depend on condition, but please send anything you have my way. Thanks spitz
  10. Sorry for the late reply tamo - I did replace the u-joint at the same time. I can't remember if $150 included the new u-joint or not. Did you speak with them yet?
  11. tamo3, South Bay Driveline: http://www.yelp.com/biz/south-bay-driveline-san-jose?osq=balance+driveshaft I did the same conversion as you, and I believe my shorten and rebalance was about $125. Out of my stupidity, it turned out that I measured my driveshaft wrong and had to bring it back for more shortening. They did a half-off shorten and rebalance for me for only $50. Great guys.
  12. Checking in - I know of at least 5-6 in California alone, probably more. My best guess after reviewing zhome and speaking with owners throughout my ownership... most likely 30 or so. More if we're talking all year Fairlady's, not just early cars. From what I've gathered, I own the only 240Z-L model (one trim level below the 240Z-G).
  13. Hello Hybrid - As the title states, I am searching for a complete set of Triple 50 MPHH Mikuni Carburetors. Linkage would be a huge plus. These have "180" stamped on the butterflies. Mikuni 50's only come in the "old style" dual screw jet cover configuration and the bodies of these carbs are made of magnesium. Pictured below. Will pay fair price. Please PM me what you have, or e-mail chioug AT gmail d00t com. Thank you for your time spitz17
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