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  1. wingnutthehutt

    Free Rebuild Books

    I'm apparently no longer classified as a donating member so I can't post this in the classifieds. However, I'm not selling anything so please let this stand or move it to the correct location. I no longer have a Z so I am DONATING the following literature to a needy person in the Sacramento, CA area. If anyone is interested, please email me. I will try to check this thread as well but email is best. How To Restore Your Z Car How To Modify Your Nissan Datsun OHC Engine Clymer Manual, 70-78 Datsun 240-280Z Aaaaand, a pair of black 280Z rocker panel panel stripes. I have a gas door floating around somewhere too so if I find it I'll throw that in with the books.
  2. Geez, I haven't been on here in forever!

  3. wingnutthehutt

    Howdy - Central California

    Hey there Uncle. Glad you found the forum. Hopefully by commenting here I can throw a little street cred your way. ...even though I sold my Z something like six years ago. ~Carl
  4. wingnutthehutt

    Frankenstein Guitar project. Diversion #4267

    Holy thread resurrection, Batman!
  5. wingnutthehutt

    Looking at an 83 Corolla For My sister

    Thanks, John. Unfortunately my sister decided to pass on the car. And as I don't need another vehicle (have room for another one) it will probably be someone else toy very shortly.
  6. wingnutthehutt

    Norcal - Bay Area HybridZ BBQ

    Ouch, sorry to hear that. Four feet? That's a huge distance. That's like a girl saying, "If you were 50 pounds lighter I'd date you." Gollum, "that lake" in Berkeley is pretty cool. I went there a few years ago.
  7. Hey guys, I found this 83 Corolla on CL this afternoon. The price is a bit high, but the thing is immaculate. She was looking for something newer, she's 22, but likes the idea of it being different and reliable etc. I know it's not a Z, but this is the place to come for realistic input. Does anyone have a KBB for early cars? Thoughts? Seems a bit high, but if it was newer it'd be worth 10 grand or better. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/1150175043.html Here's the photobucket gallery. http://picasaweb.google.com/VWEMPIRE/1983Corolla# I can go get it today, but what should I look for on a car like this? Carl
  8. wingnutthehutt

    Any Lexus technicians out there? Oregon Mechanics?

    Breif update: Lisa took the car to a mechanic her in Sacramento that lives near her. He does a lot of sidework and agreed to change the plugs. As soon as the plugs came out we knew we had a problem. It's definately a sludge issue. LexusToyota will cover the car up to 8.5 years after date of purchase. It's now been 9.5. When she purchased the car we made sure she paid for a warranty on it. We'll see how it goes on that front. It's little consolation that I talked them down $3k.
  9. wingnutthehutt

    Datuns Jeep on CL Sacramento

    This isn't mine, but it sure looks interesting. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/934532894.html
  10. wingnutthehutt

    Drifting: Here to stay or just a fad?

    I think it's popularity will wane as the people who attempt it either wreck their cars or discover regular cornering. I don't think it will go away. I drift my truck into the parking lot at work almost every day, I love being sideways. But I would rather being hauling around Sears Point, Thunderhill or Laguna Seca on my streetbike. I think it'd be cool if it stuck around but it's boring as hell to watch on TV. Plus, the whole judged thing means it's not really a race...
  11. wingnutthehutt

    Any Lexus technicians out there? Oregon Mechanics?

    Good thought on getting it in writing. Normally I wouldn't take it to a Volvo dealer either (technically volvo bmw) but that's where we bought it and there is no Lexus dealer in town. I don't think there's even a 'Yota dealer. Salem is friggin' tiny compared to every other capital city I've been to. It's 80% state workers too. I exaggerate, but it's still very high.
  12. wingnutthehutt

    Any Lexus technicians out there? Oregon Mechanics?

    Good God! Everything else you wrote scared the crap outta me. I'll pull the VC when I get there and check for sludge. If there's evidence, that cars going back up for sale, pronto. Thanks for identifying yourself as someone whom I requested to respond. No offense to everybody else who is trying to be helpful but explaining how dealerships charge is something I learned ten years ago.
  13. wingnutthehutt

    Any Lexus technicians out there? Oregon Mechanics?

    132815 p0300 was the code. It has about 100k on the dial. Runs perfect until it threw the code last week. She's had a couple little electrical gremlins recently taken care of such as a door lock switch and a seatbelt sensor or something. She's only had it for about three months though. The 700 miles makes it difficult to be as involved as I'd like to be.
  14. wingnutthehutt

    Any Lexus technicians out there? Oregon Mechanics?

    Geez, ok. Thanks for the response. I wasn't having much luck with Google for some reason. This doesn't sound like something I want to do with tools in my carry-on. They told her that was the only code. I made sure they gave her the code and then I looked it up. They say it's plugs, we do the plugs. But I'll be darned if I can justify 400 bucks to change some stupid plugs. Geez. Next time she wants a new car I'm telling her to save her cash and we're building a 57 Chevy. Hahaha.