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  1. Yep! I'm 6'3" and hate short work benches. Wow Bloz, that looks amazing. I want to do more tubing and pipe work. Here's something I messed with years ago.
  2. I was thinking steel, but I want it to be light enough to lift because it barely fits over the welder. I'll have more room for work benches when I get the damn T56 and LQ9 into a Z.
  3. I decided I was sick of welding on the floor or on a piece of sheet metal, so I decided to make a compact table out of stuff I had laying around. It's made to fit over my tig welder so I can put it away when not used. I'm going to put an aluminum top on it, as well as some adjustable feet and center supports. http://i.pgu.me/pb1-jgxC_original.jpg I want to play around with my new dimple dies. http://i.pgu.me/PmEtXLhU_original.jpg Any tips that I should incorporate?
  4. And what the heck mask was he wearing?!!
  5. Love it!! Don't know how I missed all the other vids!!
  6. I believe I canceled my order because of the bad reviews of showcars. I haven't ordered any imsa fenders yet.
  7. I used this calculator. http://www.motokarts..._calculator.xls
  8. Sorry, I just assumed npt because he specifically mentioned npt fittings in the first post. Yes, there are also fittings that do not require sealant.
  9. Just make sure you use pipe sealant or tape and turn your fittings in 2-3 turns from finger tight so you don't have any air leaking into your shielding gas. A big box hardware store should have fittings and tubing that would work for you. Good luck.
  10. Well, haven't been working on the track z, but did find this little gem tonight The main hoop has a 1/4" gap between the floor plate and is only welded 3/4 of the way around. I just purchased a set of dimple dies to gusset in the cage to chassis. Looks like I'll have to look over all the welds.
  11. Thanks everyone for the great info! The JD2 bender is definitely on my list. Are there any other tools which you find crucial when working with tubing?
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