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  1. EFI Bible Quick search leads to this To help a newbie out! Just type in 280Z Dies after start. I started this a while back, while cleaning up the inside of my engine bay and pretty much overhauling your basic maintenance stuff. I don't know if you have EFI or Carbs, what I do know is you can read through some of that to get an idea of what to search for. All the emissions stuff usually comes down to the Charcoal Canister, Intake Manifold (Does it have EGR?) and all those crispy vacuum lines running all over the place. There is also the Cold Start, Air Regulator which a lot of people and myself delete by having it shaved and welded, JB Weld has been used, in some cases also making block off plates. As far as the exhaust most of that stuff is or will be checked during inspection. I beleive in some states you are not required to have them after a car hits a certain age, I am running a header and side pipe myself for now and can still pass. Just search over these forums with some of those as key words, I'm sure you will find something! Be sure to get some of the basic manuals and also the EFI Bible helped me with alot of stuff. And welcome! PS. If none of this helped at all Im a newbie too.
  2. Ran it with cap off then put it back on let it run for a bit seem to stay cool after that I did not get to let it run to long though cause Now I see an Injector leaking... Guess you gain some you loose some. Hopefully I will fix that later and get to find out for sure. Edit Injector fixed car seems to be running good. Weird though if I disconnect FPR from the intake car seems to run better.
  3. Well I cant know 100% cause I had the cluster out. I did not have time to hook it all up and what not, I am going to check when I get home. I just don't wanna let it run thinking its burn off or something or fresh gasket heating up and burn up something. I just dont recall the car heating up hot enough in that short of time to were you could barely place your hand on the valve cover. Maybe I am being to cautious being my first car to actually strip down this far.
  4. Car had been sitting close to a year. I replaced almost all gaskets. Thermostat, Valve Cover, Intake, etc. Added N42 Intake, Aftermarket Header, Cold Start Delete, Air Regulator Delete. Injector connectors and other sensors alike replaced. All A/C Components have been removed. Close to everything has been pull apart inspected clean/replaced. It fires up geat has good throttle response after about 30-45 seconds running. Once it starts running though thats when it smokes. I will try for the air bubble I have seen a car at work with those symptoms and it was an air bubble, forgot about that. I had most the radiator and hose apart when I clean up all the EFI components. (Had to rethread a bolt behind the radiator.. )
  5. I just recently got my zx running but I am having issues after about 2 minutes idle headers start smoking it seems. What I do notice is the valve covers are getting very hot. I'm still learning alot, any advice would be appreciated. Maybe needs to be timed? I think maybe thermostat not working? Seems like no pressure building up in radiator. Just tossing out some things I notice may not mean anything. Any advice appreciated.
  6. Glad I decided not to shave off all the holes and just fill one with a screw. Easy enough fix. I was hoping you didn't tell me that but guess I am glad I planned ahead. Weird I couldn't find anything that line. Thanks a ton!
  7. Yes it goes down on to the side of the Automatic Transmission. I did not disconnect anything other then EGR and Vacuum on Intake though. I looked through Haynes on the Tranny section no info at all.
  8. Im just about to get my car running again after replacing just about everything. I did removed a lot of vacuum stuff and EGR Delete removed Carbon Canister. But I cannot remember for the life of me what this goes to been a pretty long time it has been sitting lol. Im assuming its like part of the evap for carbons and stuff. I cant find anything though. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Today she might actually run again!

  10. Not same car but I had a HKS SSQV on my Subaru and as much as I liked it I had the same problem. Sometimes it did even stall. Just adding recirc kit made that much of a diffrence.
  11. Well if it is the Seals on the Turbo leaking into the downpipe and not something else it gives me a reason to go bigger! If it is just something weird like bubbles which Im not even sure how that would happen. It gives me more money for a motor in the Z!
  12. Ya I might just have to. Ill post back after checking through the floors and stuff. I might be able to have one of the guys at my work hook me up on a dye try that trick. Thanks though for the info every little bit I try helps me get that much closer to this little annoyance.
  13. hmmmm I never thought about that.... I will definatly check that out but if that was the case I figured Id notice atleast a little bit of it somewhere I have put in quite a bit...
  14. I guess a bubble is possible but wouldn't I be over filled at some point? My main concern is its the seals and its not enough to see smoke. but eventually the seal is gonna go and I will be in some bad trouble. Right now Im just running low boost tune/ fuel economy. Seems to work great, if that what I wanted though I would have bought a Corolla or something then... makes me sad. Note: Did not mean to double post.
  15. Replaced the cap due to rubber being kinda worn. Car has 60k. Its not a head gasket. Coolant looks fine nothing in it. And oil is new as of last week and still looks great.
  16. I was not sure were to post this as it does not really pertain to these forums but there are some very smart people here thought I would ask. I have a 2004 Impreza STi. It seems that the coolant is just dissapearing. I posted on another site no one really replied much or knew. Down to what I know. There is no smoke!! I do not smell coolant see any kind of leaks anywhere I even pressure tested the Radiator and Turbo side to see if anything is leaking. I have refilled and keep my eye on it daily. What I do notice is if I run it for a good amount with it under boost not even really opening it up just under moderate boost for short periods of time the next day I will notice the overflow is low again. My only guess can is that my turbo is going out since they use the non rebuildable turbos so yah. Any questions comments would be much appreciated! And if this is the wrong place for this delete / move. It will be ok.
  17. I need to grab the Part numbers I have of the new ones see what they are really for this is seeming like a lot of trouble just to get some simple sensors. Good news to though was I already replaced all the connectors so no more worries there!
  18. So if you went to the store and got a Coolant Temp Sensor is that the one near the Cylinder #5? I hope so cause I purchased one and thats the only place it would fit. Yah that is what I had for my two Thermostat sensors also. Green was Injector blower other was temp gauge. Mine is analog I believe.
  19. I wish I could remember where that photo was. Hopefully someone who knows for sure can chime in. I guess I will find out in a few weeks.
  20. Hmmm, Maybe I can post a picture showing them. Where are both temp gauge sensors located?
  21. The problem is the stuff is leaking / broken and is not really drivable. I am just replacing a bunch of stuff cutting it out to drive for a little while. My subaru has some bad turbo seals and that is my daily. I don't wanna risk it. So I figured time for bigger turbo! After that the ZX is getting cut down and time for a new motor.
  22. haha yah ive been beating the grinding stones and die grinder i think i need to find somewhere that has some more heavy duty ones. Thanks for the info !
  23. What does everyone use to shave theirs cause man I have been at it for a pretty good amount of time and Im pretty close but I cant seem to get into the small cracks. I cant find anything strong enough to grind it down.
  24. Thank you that all sounds pretty correct and what I was trying to remember before I hacked off. I would like a manny non egr I had a post up. I just think I would have to wait til Friday to make a purchase. I was gonna try and have a shop fill mine.
  25. Also my Throttle Body has two places where the hoses come out I cannot figure out what they are called or where they go. Mine is a P71 280ZX 1980 US Federal Model all original. Found this post helped me a ton! Took me full day of searching to stumble on it. After reading this and most other post alot of it came together. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?/topic/67673-l28-efi-problems-efi-bible-step-1-a/
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