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  1. I checked the FSM and it said to use a suitable tool, instert and twist 90 degrees. Any one have any other tips on how to get the trim piece of with out breaking all the little tabs? Just so that we are all on the same page I'm talking about the trim on the door not the A or B pillars.
  2. I had the same problem, I replaced the coil. She fired right up. Make sure you check your terminals are clean before you replace the coil.
  3. With that much work in the exhaust did you think about making new manifolds? I was just curious because it looks like your using stainless which in my mind you have the means to do it and it would look better than the old rusty manifolds. It seems like it would help lower the spool up time as well.
  4. you have a pic of the ass end of the car?
  5. hey, akzx what condition is that thing in? I saw it on CL but didn't get it since I already have my "project." I'm stationed at FTWW but, I'm deployed right now.
  6. I'm looking at getting a parts car but, it's a 2+2. I was wondering what all will swap over? I'm assuming the whole front end will swap over as well as the suspension parts. My 2 main concerns are the doors and the quarter panels. My doors are rather rusty for some reason and dented and my quarters are just dented. I'm not planning on swapping over the whole quarter panel though, just cutting out the sections that I need to get the curve of the body panels.
  7. how many people have sectioned their struts? I'm asking because the more I'm reading into it the more I get confused. My main questions about it are what struts are you using and what coil over sleeves/springs are you using? What I'm looking at is having my car lowered a few inches, a little more than springs will allow, and I don't want to mess anything up to badly. The car is going to be a street driven car for the forseeable future.
  8. any new info on this? I'm getting motivation built back up for my zx sitting back at home.
  9. Cool, that's what I thought. Can you get some pics of the car?
  10. what all did you actually grinde off the tube? The brackets to mount the coil over to the s13 hub and the brake line holder?
  11. Go megasquirt and convert to a map sensor, I've also seen people use GM coil packs.
  12. I was browsing the local yard today when I found a manual steering rack in a 240Z. Will it fit in my 280ZX at all?
  13. that's cool, good luck with the build. Any secret junk yards up here you can let me know about
  14. not to go off topic but where are you in Alaska? I'm up in Fairbanks. Car is looking great.
  15. I'm in alaska where zx parts are few and far between and shipping up here costs an arm and a leg.
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