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  1. Ive got just what you're looking for! Text me at 319-404-8904 and we can work something out.
  2. Actually.. FWIW, that stock nippondenso distributor has all the info you'll need for full seq. It's got 3 vr sensors built in; g1, g2, ne. 4th pin is common ground. You would use g2,ne, and gnd. I can't give the ne wheel any review though, I'm using the 36-2 as my primary input and the g2 for cam input. Not sure what you have for a motor but if you pulled it from a 96-97 you're in luck because it came with the 36-2 on the crank snout as well as the dizzy. Let me know if you need any other info.
  3. Any luck on this? I have two spare hoods. I have absolutely no idea how much they would cost to ship... text me at 3194048904. I'll be running to the post in a bit so I can ask the guys what they think
  4. Hey I have a spare r200 and possibly the mounts.. I will have to look. Text me at 319-404-8904! You can pm on here too, it may just take me a bit longer to respond.
  5. Amazing man, that second pull looked good! Just out of curiosity do you still have those ID1,000's? I'd be willing to take those off your hand, same with your old fuel rail if you still have it. Just shoot me a pm. One of a kind build you have here!
  6. I don't have any pictures since they are out of the car right now but RX8 seats fit great! I just made brackets to solid mount them to the existing mount points on my 75 280z chassis. They look like this.
  7. Kind of hard to envision exactly where you're talking about. When I did my flares I welding everything back up. I've read that the whole area is structural so based on that I would recommend welding. Thats the approach I took anyways.
  8. Awesome build. Any updates on the tuning? Id love to get a ms file if you're willing to share. Gonna be putting mine in once spring hits and would like a template to go work off of or reference if needed. Maybe I missed it but how much power are you shooting for?
  9. Did you already sell the flares or are they currently up for sale? Also how big were those wheel spacers? Build looks great btw, gives me inspiration to put mine back together once she's back from paint. What are your plans for power? 500? I'm trying to decide what I should put into my 2jz hybrid. You're on megasquirt right?
  10. Holy shit that looks great for plastidip! Did he do anything special to get it to look that good or does simply using a spray gun give it a much smoother finish?
  11. Awesome build and can't wait to see how fritts build holds up to that power! I'm curious (if you dont mind) what your two business ventures are about and also is the silver color paint or plastidip?
  12. Looks good! And I like the color choice! Its nice to see something different from the white/red/black. Im gonna be doing thw same work you did here soon just not nearly as intensive repairs but repairs nonetheless. Any recommendations on a welder? What model did you use?
  13. Those are absolutely amazing! And you got some seriously impressive gains from just long tubes and a tune. If you ever feel up to another design you should help out us 2jz guys! There would definitely be a market for a nice tubular header or at least designs for one. What kind of welder do you have? I'm looking to buy one soon for body work and was contemplating building exhaust but was kind of put off by the difficulty of a header but I'll most likely approach the header as a long term project like you have. Regardless, impressive work!
  14. Good information everybody! Does anyone know where you can source gte pistons and rods? I heard titan had them brand new for 300 bones but I couldnt find them.. and thanks for pointing me towards the base map matt, Ive seen that 240 dyno vid and she ran pretty good! Id love to swap the 2j into my datsun sometime this upcoming year but I gotta get her in road worthy condition first and hopefully by then someone with have the mount situation figured out!
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