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    Cars. Especially Z cars. I actually swim alot and do tons of reading on Hybrid Z. It's the ****!

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  1. I will definitely buy that fiber glass kit, its amazing and I am sick of the old MSA body kits and such. The car looks great btw! Can't wait to see the finished product in action. Good luck with the suspension
  2. Sorry to bother you but uh.... MORE UPDATES PLEASE! Your killin me.....
  3. Yeah maybe the honda craze era has slowly come to an end
  4. There's nothing wrong at all with vtec I actually have an integra. I was just useing that as an example because of the guys that just slap some annoying muffler on their civic. Not hating on those guys because its their thing but it doesn't really serve a purpose.
  5. I hear you on Chris Bangle being a ******. Its interesting to think about the line between a car being art and just a machine. Funtion over form is a good viewpoint, as putting alot of time into just looking fast,(aka loud annoying muffler and v-tec) is pointless unless your car really is fast and serves a purpose. The car lifestyle can be very idiotic. Just because you have a cool car doesn't mean your a cool person. Some people buy cars just to show off and not because they truly love to drive it. I personally have a love/hate relationship with BMW. I just dislike the show-off nature of having one yet I have to admit they are amazing machines. Thus a retro 240z with a bimmer engine would be perfect
  6. Do the amazing ideas we have for creating these cars resemble ourselves? I know I feel that my car is an extension of who I am. What do you fellow HybridZ members think and why do we put so much effort into something so seemingly superficial that takes alot of time and money? Food for though:
  7. The more I learn the more I know how much I don't know.
  8. Going to University of Portland. hmmmm I wonder who's on hybrid Z around there....

  9. This documentary didn't get the greatest reviews on netflix and I can see why. Its not filmed well but there are many great questions that the narrator asks and its a great insight into Cuba. Its eye opening to see all of the old cars and how they looked etc... especially for someone my age. Pretty crazy stuff and this just makes me wonder where some nostalgic JDM cars are hiding... Anyways watch if interested and it won't disappoint. "After the United States placed a trade embargo on Cuba in the 1960s, many classic American automobiles were effectively stranded in the country -- victims of short and costly supplies of gasoline and dwindling spare parts. From Cadillacs to Buicks, the cars became an important symbol of success and freedom for many Cubans. This unique documentary is a must-see for history buffs as well as automobile enthusiasts all over the world."
  10. Yeah just think how bad it is when kids my age are texting or "Looking for a song on their Ipod". Both are terrible but for some reason the whole music thing doesn't get anyhwere. His cage is pink which just makes everything 10 times worse
  11. Best post I have ever read with detail on each engine. Really just answers the topic perfectly
  12. That show is pretty good but sadly its got all the "OH NO we'll never build the car in time, and I hate this person" drama crap. None the less I'll still watch the show, should be very interesting to see how they modify them.
  13. That looks just like my girlfriend! ;] really nice picture though
  14. The guy who posted the build has a pretty cool blog as well make sure to check it out
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